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Avaya Recognized by Ventana Research as an Exemplary Vendor and a Value Index Leader

Ventana Research recently released their 2022 Value Index on Agent Management, a robustly quantified, research-based index evaluating technology providers and their products. This Value Index assesses 18 vendors’ products using Ventana Research’s methodology providing objective research and guidance to organizations looking to evaluate agent management applications. This Value Index evaluates agent management software in nine key categories: Product Experience, Customer Experience, Capability, Usability, Adaptability, Manageability, Reliability, Total Cost of Ownership / Return on Investment, and Vendor Validation.

The Value Index is structured to replicate a Request for Information / Request for Proposal process by incorporating all the criteria needed to help organizations evaluate, select, utilize, and maintain technology as well as manage vendor relationships.

It is particularly rewarding for Avaya to be recognized by Ventana Research as an Exemplary Vendor, and a Value Index Leader in the Overall, Customer Experience, Total Cost of Ownership / Return on Investment and Validation categories since Ventana Research employs among the most comprehensive and diligent processes and is not sponsored nor influenced by technology providers.





Avaya Recognized by Ventana Research





Agent management is a broad area that is typically described within the contact center industry as agent performance optimization, workforce optimization or workforce engagement. Ventana Research believes there has been recent social and technological advances that are radically changing the scope of agent management tools.

According to the research, agent management is critical since employees are the single largest ongoing cost for contact centers; and agents are the direct point of customer contact which means poor agent performance can affect customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue. Better equipped agents deliver higher quality customer interactions with more speed and accuracy.

Ventana’s research also shows the shift from traditional agent management tools towards a more modern package that includes intelligent virtual assistants, AI-driven guidance and automated workflows that streamline processes and provide a connection to the back office. The research delivers insights on how applications like knowledge management, desktop integrations, gamification and customer collaboration tools like co-browsing and bot-assisted chat increase agent performance.

With more and more agents working from home or remote locations, contact center leaders need to provide collaboration and communications tools like video meetings and process automation systems to help ensure remote agents continue to deliver the experience that customers expect.

Avaya is a proven Customer Experience leader when it comes to helping organizations compete in today’s experience economy – where feelings matter most and where customers make purchase and brand decisions on how organizations make them feel. The experience economy demands organizations think about the entire customer and employee experience.  It is essential for organizations to provide agents and supervisors the tools and information they need to delight customers at every step of the customer journey – helping to build the customer loyalty and brand advocacy needed to compete in the experience economy.

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Avaya Recognized by Ventana Research as an Exemplary Vendor and a Value Index Leader

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