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June 15, 2022

Technology: The Great Equalizer

The need for better work-life balance is greater than ever before. Employees are asking for more flexibility as digital transformation grows and more and more workers are getting their jobs done remotely. In order to effectively scale, companies must meet the demands of the workforce, particularly as it relates to the freedom of working wherever an employee wants to work. What’s the one thing that can make workplace transformation an easier-than-ever process? Technology.

Employee Satisfaction is Customer Satisfaction

What does employee satisfaction have to do with customer value? Ultimately, a goal of digital transformation is to increase employee happiness, efficiency, and productivity. With increased efficiency performed by happy employees, there is a higher likelihood that your customers will receive better service and will then be happier themselves. Happy employee, happy customer.

What then is the ultimate goal in creating an excellent customer journey? Every business wants satisfied customers. While it’s impossible to make everyone happy, it is possible to create a working culture in which employees can effectively do their jobs without the burden of technological hiccups. Giving workers advanced tools to make sure that they feel engaged in every aspect of the customer journey helps foster a strong, positive culture. Helping to make an employee’s job easier drives customer engagement and loyalty, because again: happy employee, happy customer.

If decision-makers at your company are at a loss for how digital transformation can affect their bottom line, consider this: 89% of CX solutions upgrades will be integrated with communications and collaboration solutions by 2022, and 54% will have an improved customer journey. In order to optimize a technology investment, solution upgrades should be discussed with the decision-makers and strategic advisors prior to implementation. Solutions should be integrated seamlessly and aligned with high-level thinking on what digital transformation means for a particular customer’s journey. Ultimately, the goal is to have consistent experiences for both IT admins and for end users.

Integrations Bring About Success

Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral enables the digital transformation journey for customers and their employees as well. The key to feeling like your business is empowered is integration. With their powers combined, collaboration, communications, and contact centers can work together seamlessly to offer better customer and agent experiences. Having clear, concise communications is important for any business’s success, and the cloud can help with that. This is the Era of Disruption, and it’s up to business’s decision-makers to guide their company’s future forward. All employees should feel like they have their say in the process, whether they’re in client-facing roles or in a warehouse. From the break room to the boardroom, cultures should be collaborative and in turn, should create greater overall customer value.

How Avaya Can Help

When you focus on your business priorities aligning with employee experience, you are promoting a key factor in your company’s growth. Part of the assurance of providing your employees with the tools to effectively perform their jobs is making sure that they understand the tools that they’re using. Clear, concise communications is just one part of the seamless capabilities that UCaaS provides.

At Avaya, we understand the customer journey across multiple industries, and encourage potential clients to research our UCaaS and CCaaS applications and services.

Our customer insights, AI integration, real-time analytics, and fluid technology give tangible results. A barrier-less experience provides customers with a better, happier experience across many different touchpoints. With integrated communications, a focus on pinpointing digital transformation goals, and best-in-class employee and customer experiences, Avaya is able to provide solutions that drive positive outcomes for all.

Visit our Frost & Sullivan research microsite for more information about Digital Transformation and take the benchmark assessment there to find out where you are on your cloud journey.

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