Avaya StaffOctober 21, 2021

Fifteen Ways Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Delivers a Holistic Customer and Employee Experience

Connect everything—voice, video, chat, messaging, and more—to deliver effortless experiences for customers and employees at every touchpoint.  Built for today and tomorrow, Avaya OneCloud CCaaS enables organizations to support new ways of working and connect every experience holistically into one connected total experience.

  1. Connect all touchpoints along the customer journey

    Empower customers to interact across a variety of channels including voice, email, chat, video, text messaging, and social. Provide customers with a consistent, personalized service that builds customer loyalty and brand advocacy.
  2. Match customers with the best employees

Powerful resource selection capabilities go way beyond traditional skills-based routing by considering past behaviors, interactions, employee skill sets, and business objectives when matching customer inquiries to the right support resources.

  1. Lead with self-service

Powerful self-service automation augments staff creates smarter customer engagements and provides 24/7 customer support. Enable customers to take action and get the information they need using chatbots, voice bots, and natural language speech automated systems.

  1. Get it all on a single screen 

    Personalize employee experiences with a customizable, modern workspace that easily brings customer insights from different applications and systems onto a single desktop screen. Employees can serve multiple customer interactions simultaneously and receive data from different sources, including CRM and business systems, without switching screens.
  2. Personalize each interaction

    Empower employees to anticipate customer needs and personalize the customer experience by understanding where customers have been in their buying journey. Customer Journey provides a timeline view of customer interactions across multiple channels and infuses at the desktop a full-bodied set of information that ensures employees are fully informed and equipped to proactively serve customer inquiries.
  3. Bring your social channel

    Keep pace with ever-evolving customer expectations by integrating home-grown and common messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Messages into a single system. And easily integrate business services such as Salesforce Digital to further deliver unique experiences.
  4. Get more for and from employees

    Industry-leading workforce engagement capabilities enable you to use the best tools to motivate, empower, and mentor employees—from recruitment to retention.
  5. Adapt and innovate with AI as your co-creator

    Integrate AI where you need it most and optimize your business as it gets smarter over time with no DevOps resources needed.
  6. Realize powerful workstream collaboration

    Connect disparate functions and break down silos between employee and customer workstreams by delivering always-on, continuous collaboration for work-from-anywhere employees, across every channel and device.
  7. Fine-tune the customer and employee experience

    Easy-to-use visual task editors enable business users and IT to create process workflows and work assignments to optimize the experience delivered to both customers and employees.
  8. Self-serve administration the way you want it

    Stay in control by configuring Avaya OneCloud CCaaS to fit business needs. Easily add new users, move supervisors and employees between groups, scale on-demand, and assign intelligent routing characteristics without requiring employees to log out and log back in.
  9. Keep a pulse on performance

    Easy access to insights across all interactions enables leaders to continuously monitor, measure, and improve customer experience and employee performance.
  10. Be ready to innovate at any time

    The future is powered by cloud applications that can be composed into amazing experiences for more and more progressive use cases. Composability is a combination of technologies that enable organizations to constantly refine and redefine their business.
  11.  Acquire experience building know-how

    Leverage the expertise and experience of Avaya’s services team and leading partner ecosystem to co-create unique solutions and deliver experiences that matter for both customers and employees.
  12. Avaya OneCloud makes it easy

Compose the unique experiences you need, in the moment, to attract and keep customers and employees happy.

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