Steve ForcumSeptember 29, 2021

Introducing The Experience Podcast Series: Bringing to Life the Future of Experiences

Introducing The Experience Podcast Series: Bringing to Life the Future of Experiences

At Avaya, we believe that when it comes to business success, it’s all about delivering experiences that matter to customers and employees—so much so that we’ve named our new podcast series The Experience. As Avaya’s chief evangelist and podcast host, I’m excited to announce the launch of The Experience series and invite you to join me for thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders, technologists, creators, influencers, and consumers who are bringing to life the future of experiences.

Across every industry, businesses are finding game-changing value in prioritizing customer and employee experience. Yet, keeping a continuous pulse on new technologies and rapidly changing needs and preferences can be tough—especially with busy days, expanding responsibilities, and ever-tightening deadlines. You need up-to-date, digestible insights and information to help you innovate and differentiate by creating memorable experiences. And you need them available at your convenience, whether that’s on your morning run, in between meetings, or after hours.

The Experience delivers just that.

What to Expect

Each episode will explore change, innovation, and opportunities for the future, with a view to how cloud-based collaboration and communications can transform experiences, and reshape our economy and even our lives.   

For our first episode of The Experience, Matt Kamien, Principal of St. John Lutheran School joins me to share the story of how his school successfully moved the entire student body to an immersive online learning program using Avaya Spaces®. He breaks down challenges the school faced and how they overcame them, enabling students and staff to thrive under challenging circumstances. From document sharing and instant messaging to conducting online “show and tell” and recording graduation, the school has set a high bar for immersive online learning. Catch the full podcast.

Don’t Miss An Episode

Ready to take this journey with us? Listen to The Experience wherever you get your podcasts: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, and more. And subscribe now to be the first to hear new episodes.

Introducing The Experience Podcast Series

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