Scott HanwellAugust 10, 2021

Thanks for the feedback: Avaya Outperforms in UCaaS

The global health crisis accelerated the adoption of UCaaS, but this is by no means exclusive to a pandemic year. Analysts predict strong continued growth in UCaaS and a decline of on-premises telecom as companies race toward all-in-one collaboration platforms that can centralize communications with capabilities like presence, chat, conferencing, and task management.

The provider landscape has boomed as a result, providing increased competition to market mainstays and an ever-growing list of options for customers to consider. Just how well do these solutions stack up in the eyes of those who use them? Metrigy recently obtained customer sentiment ratings from participants in its Workplace Collaboration: 2021-22 Research Study, and the results are telling.

Avaya is Walking the Talk

The rating scale is from 4 = Excellent, to 1 = Poor. For all providers, the overall average customer sentiment score was 3.26, with individual provider scores ranging from 2.95 to 3.39. Avaya’s overall score was 3.39, highest among all providers, with “technical features,” “response time to problems/questions,” “reliability,” and “audio performance” being top performing areas. This earned Avaya a Metrigy MetriStar Top Customer Sentiment Award for UCaaS platforms, which is a huge honor.

This award is based solely on how customers (those who have either purchased, deployed, or have operational responsibilities with UCaaS platforms) rate their providers across a variety of key performance metrics. The results make it clear that our customers are highly satisfied with their experiences using Avaya OneCloud UCaaS solutions.  

We won’t call out names, but you can see in the report that some of our competitors fall well behind Avaya in areas like technical features, response time, technical service/reliability, and innovation. UCaaS is a crucial component of the employee and customer experience, enabling companies to break down departmental siloes, increase productivity regardless of location, and create experiences that matter for everyone.

What this means for organizations that choose Avaya

Avaya’s OneCloud UCaaS solutions – including Avaya Spaces and Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral – enable faster and more efficient communications from anywhere across the globe, greater agility to meet changing needs, and more contextual workspaces that adapt to users’ individual circumstances and preferences. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Power your digital future: Seamlessly enable work from anywhere by supporting the fluid nature of problem solving and fusing employee experience with customer experience.
  • Get more from Multiexperience (MX): Ensure seamless, effortless interactions and a consistent experience across the digital user journey. Avaya is making significant moves for enabling MX that crosses devices, touchpoints, and modalities for both customers and employees.
  • Deliver on the promise of Total Experience (TX): Avaya is one of very few providers who can successfully support both contact center and UCC needs, with CPaaS acting as a force multiplier. Meet the requirements of a “total experience” world by creating a bridge to one connected, whole experience.
  • Create a better way to work: Keep everyone in your organization – front- and back-office – connected and informed by breaking down barriers to immersive collaboration. Empower your teams to make decisions faster and act in the moment to deliver better customer experiences.
  • Get a simple, flexible, cloud experience: Embrace the cloud at your own pace with solutions that make it easy to get new features and upgrades without IT headaches. Flexible subscription models provide cost certainty and peace of mind as you design your perfect cloud migration.
  • Trust us to build your digital workplace solution: Our solutions consistently lead the way in the world of collaboration for customers of any size, supported by thousands of certified professional consultants worldwide.

Listening to our customers has earned Avaya industry recognition

We make communications better because our customers have told us what they need. Our all-in-one cloud communications solutions are designed for how you’re working now. It gives you the platform to empower your employees with faster, always-on continuous collaboration. And it helps you power your business with flexible experiences built for the work world of today, and the challenges of tomorrow.


Thanks for the feedback: Avaya Outperforms in UCaaS

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