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August 24, 2021

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare Using Flexible Cloud Solutions

Digital transformation has become non-negotiable as healthcare organizations work to keep up with the rapid pace of change occurring today:

  • The past 18 months have completely transformed the way care is delivered. Patients now have access to care through virtually any channel they want, be it chat, phone, email, video, in-person, or all of the above. Health systems can use this to their advantage for sending proactive reminders about appointments, procedures, and targeted wellness campaigns across patients’ preferred channels.
  • Thanks to AI and analytics, there are now more efficient ways to capture patient data across the entire healthcare system to help patients more intelligently through their care journey.
  • Telehealth has revolutionized patient care and health outcomes.  Previously, just 8% of patients had ever had a virtual doctor’s appointment. Today, Frost & Sullivan predicts a 35% increase in global virtual patient interactions by 2025.  

Health systems will continue building on the technology investments they made over the last year to improve information access, free up customer-facing staff, further integrate with existing systems and applications, and drive future growth.

Digital Transformation in Action: How Engagent Health Increased Conversions by 60% and Care Plan Engagement by 80% Using Avaya OneCloud Solutions

Engagent Health streamlines the sales process for agencies and health plans in the government payor space, providing a single resource for all member acquisition initiatives. As part of its offering, the company also provides outsourced agent support to help offset peak call times focusing strictly on member acquisition.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS helped Engagent Health consolidate its fragmented contact center environment to align processes, resources, and functions as well as leverage new ways to connect with customers when and how they want. Whether a customer has questions about a specific care plan or any number of other things, the company can make it easy for them to engage and get the answer they need using their preferred communication channels with the ability to switch between channels as needed. With a flexible cloud contact center solution, the healthcare organization can also experiment with process automation, new self-service options such as AI-enabled bots that provide 24x7 support, and proactive outreach via automated notifications.  

Engagent Health also uses Avaya Cloud Office® by RingCentral®– our all-in-one, cloud-based Workstream Collaboration (WSC) solution – to give its employees any time, anywhere access to information with a full range of integrated collaboration capabilities. The executive management team and other teams use the solution for real-time communication about things like policy changes and customer qualifications across all its global operations centers, which has significantly improved decision-making and customer value.

Other solution features the company can take advantage of include voicemail-to-text, automatic call recording, and multi-level auto attendant. They are currently using Avaya Cloud Office internally as their dedicated platform for video and content-sharing meetings on any phone, browser, or mobile device.

Combining Cloud Contact Center and WSC for Optimal Patient Outcomes

The combination of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and WSC gives health organizations access to all the tools they need to deliver a memorable experience for patients and employees alike.

Within the contact center, this includes tools such as call and screen recording, browser-based employee desktops, skills-based routing, quality management, scheduling, live monitoring, coaching, eLearning, and real-time and historical reporting. Patients can interact across their preferred voice and digital channels, including intelligent self-service options like AI-powered digital deflection and virtual agents.

Within the organization, Avaya Cloud Office includes a single, simple, integrated, configurable Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution that allows employees to communicate how they want when they want, wherever they happen to be. Combined with CCaaS, health organizations can enable seamless communication between customer-facing and internal teams to deliver better care faster and at a lower cost.

By investing in these flexible cloud solutions, Engagent Health was able to:

  • Increase its conversion rate by 60% and care plan engagement by 80% (the average engagement rate in most plans hovers around 20-30%)
  • Support scalable growth (the company has two operations centers in Florida as well as in the Dominican Republic, the latter being slated for 5x expansion in 2021)
  • Support innovation for member acquisition initiatives.

Learn more about Engagent Health’s digital transformation with Avaya. Get more information about Avaya OneCloud solutions for healthcare.

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