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June 15, 2021

Subscription Services Offers Agencies Smoother Path to the Cloud

The move to the cloud is in full swing across the federal government as agency managers seek to drive savings, improve security, and deliver mission-serving solutions faster. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the need for communication and collaboration technology, as well as investment in more modern, agile cloud infrastructures as hundreds of thousands of government employees work from home.

As agencies transition workloads to cloud platforms, currently the hybrid cloud model has grown in acceptance because agencies’ IT infrastructures are not totally on-premise, nor in the cloud. Yet, agencies that aren’t ready to move their communications systems completely to the cloud, still want to reap the benefits of paying only for the services they use and the flexibility to add new services and users at their own pace. For these agencies, the subscription consumption model makes the most sense.  

More organizations are turning to a subscription model to lower business risk. Subscription services offer: cost certainty with one price for software, support and upgrades; increased operational agility through an option to operate on-premise, in a hybrid model, or eventually in a public cloud; and, streamlined budgeting and purchasing processes. This approach can also shift spending from a higher investment, risk-based capital expenditure (Capex) model to a lower-risk operating expense (Opex) model, which offers value much more rapidly. At the same time, the subscription model enables agencies to maintain full control over when and how their cloud migration takes place.  Moreover, when agencies have entitlements to their latest software releases, IT teams can add value and expand features that they are deploying in their organization, making it easier for them to adopt the latest technology.

Organizations value the Cloud for constantly bringing fresh ways to source and consume technology supporting both current and future business needs.  When it comes to unified communications (UC), agencies can now take full advantage of subscription benefits by paying per user on a monthly or annual basis – enabling predictable costs, agility of operations and flexibility in terms of when and how to move to the cloud.  This enables agencies to address current and evolving business needs and provides an innovation platform to power customer experiences in the digital workplace.

Enterprise-Ready On-Prem Software

Avaya now offers on-premise customers the ability to put Avaya software and support under a single, simple contract. Avaya OneCloud Subscription gives agencies enterprise-ready on-premise software, release updates, support services—even devices—in a flexible monthly subscription.  A subscription-based model reduces costs and the complexity of managing separate support contracts. Plus, an organization always has the current software release rights and upgrades and can add and extend services at their own pace. 

Agencies can add new services and more users as needed. Plus, they are eligible for exclusive discounts. For example, Avaya allows customers to over-subscribe by 20% at no extra fee for the duration of the contract.

Avaya makes it easy to own a combination of on-premise infrastructure and cloud services, enabling users to combine Device-as-a-Service options with their monthly subscription.  This provides a simple, consolidated monthly bill and payment for Avaya software and the latest endpoints.

Agencies can move their on-premise communication systems to subscriptions and take advantage of getting access to value-added applications such as collaboration systems like Avaya Spaces. Avaya Spaces is a cloud-based team collaboration and meeting tool with messaging, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and more in an easy to use application that users can access from anywhere. An agency’s workforce could use it on their laptops at work, tablets at home, or phones on-the-go. For teams that need an effective way to enable communications, manage tasks, and be more productive without being overwhelmed by email, Avaya Spaces provides the right balance of features and simplicity.

Position Your Agency for the Future

A subscription model can help agencies more easily mix on premises and cloud capabilities. In the case of Avaya IX Subscription, they can convert to an Avaya OneCloudTM Subscription at any time.  A subscription-based model for on-premises software will give you the flexibility needed today, while helping to position your agency for the future.

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