Mike KuchJune 28, 2021

Avaya is named a Leader in Unified Communications and Collaboration by Aragon Research

The past 15 months have been quite a ride. Almost on a dime, organizations across virtually every industry had to adapt to new ways of working, most noticeably shifting from in-office to remote. There are early signs that the tide is shifting, and now many businesses are thinking of going back to the office. That brings a new challenge: how to manage a complex hybrid model and keep everyone connected for collaborative work so essential for productivity.

The secret sauce for making that a reality is Unified Communications as a Service – making it easy to connect and collaborate from virtually any location or device. And I’m pleased to report that, because of relentless innovation from Avaya, Aragon Research has again named us a Leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), 2021 based on overall user experience, extensive video and cloud portfolio, and partner ecosystem.

I think it’s important to remember that UCaaS is not about replacing face to face (real or virtual) – it’s about making face to face even better. Avaya OneCloud UCaaS does this by providing persistency, ensuring that work continues to run across time and location, making it ideal for distributed team productivity in a hybrid working environment. And it’s about support for an expert-centric approach to business and customer problem solving, where subject matter experts can flow into and out of teams and customer interactions as required to achieve the business’s immediate objectives. Meetings are important, but the real home runs come from blending all the related activities, including messaging, access to assets, and contextual insight, with the meeting experience. It’s so crucial to improving the way we work you may wonder how to work without it.

Avaya has transformed collaboration from far more than a video-based discussion and content sharing engagement. “In the moment” chat, media sharing, task assignment, and ad hoc audio or video encourage engagement like everyone is in the same room. It means more team-connected working, and things get done faster, easier, and more effectively. It encourages confidence and inspires more engagement because everyone can choose the model that’s just right for them, depending on where they are, and on what device and what’s going on. Some people for example may be happier to just use chat than to speak or be on video. It drives radically improved levels of workflow to become the norm. Time zones and geography become irrelevant.

So, what can we do to support your hybrid work model today? Here are some examples:

  • Make it flexible: Virtual workspaces are persistent and anyone in the team, irrespective of where they are located, can stop work when they need to and pick it up later in the day or night from anywhere, and connect with any device. (Or they can hand off their work to another team member to carry on.) 
  • Make it organized: Collaboration timelines are automatically documented – all chats, posts, files, calls, meeting participation, and more, for the full context of what’s been done.
  • Make it a mix: Avaya offers highly affordable video systems for office conference rooms that go beyond H.323 or SIP connectivity and offer native workstream collaboration apps including additional features for an experience like what one gets on their laptop remotely, mixing home and office environments.
  • Make it easy to implement: AI features come from the cloud, not your device. That means that whether you connect via a laptop from home, a video room system in the office, or a mobile device, you get the same great experience.
  • Make it safe: Extensive security features are available regardless of what device you connect with and where you connect from.

If you’d like to learn more about Avaya’s leadership or get a great overview of market insights and trends, I’d invite you to check out the Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), 2021 for yourself – for free from Avaya!


Avaya is named a Leader in Unified Communications and Collaboration by Aragon Research

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