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Optimizing Multi-Site Business Communications: Insights and Examples

Whether a business has two or 2000 locations, research shows that multi-site organizations share many of the same challenges when it comes to communications, team building, and vision and culture. How can they create an environment where there is effective cross-site engagement? How can they maximize the talents of various team members, regardless of location, to optimize business outcomes? How can they create a common understanding of key strategies, priorities, and business functions to create competitive differentiation?

In a recent webinar, Avaya discussed these multi-site business challenges and the role that technology plays in addressing them:

  • Many multi-site businesses experience challenges related to hardware and software requirements at each location and disparate systems (locations may have different systems from different manufacturers, or they may be similar systems but on different software workloads).
  • There may be inconsistent support from the supplier across different locations, or a varying user experience at different sites that compromises productivity and engagement.
  • It may be difficult for employees to move among locations without a consistent or ubiquitous technology foundation.
  • For IT, there’s usually issues around management and analytics. Old systems may not have any remote management at all. Even some newer systems may be based on out-of-date interfaces that are challenging to understand and use.
  • Very few systems more than a few years old lack comprehensive analytics for IT to really understand what’s going on across their business and at each individual location.

The Extraordinary Opportunity of Cloud for Managing a Multi-site Business Environment

The cloud offers an extraordinary opportunity to simplify multi-site business operations so management can focus on their top priorities. Consider, for example, what Avaya Cloud Office® by RingCentral® provides:

A single, intuitive experience for all users: Multi-site businesses can provide employees with an easy-to-use, common experience throughout the entire organization. Communication flows more smoothly, even as employees move from one location to another. Users have easy access to all records, messages, files, and documents from one simple application available anywhere on any Internet-connected device (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone).

Automatic upgrades and patches: Avaya Cloud Office is always kept up to date with the latest patches and security, and upgrades happen automatically. A multi-site business will be running off a single, unified platform regardless of the number of locations it has where all users enjoy the same capabilities, reliability, and security.

Seamless scalability: Avaya Cloud Office scales very efficiently, allowing a multi-site business to purchase only what is needed at any point in time. Add as many or as few users as required, versus having the large investments associated with expanding servers or line cards or processors.

Prioritize IT resources: Offloading maintenance to Avaya saves time associated with completing the maintenance and training on the communications system, enabling IT teams to refocus their efforts to higher priority projects that deliver business value.

Consolidate network access requirements: Multi-site businesses can consolidate their network access requirements onto Avaya Cloud Office and get a consistent 5 9s SLA across their network, ensuring the highest quality availability of services. This is all included in a single bill for both their network access and the capabilities of the Avaya Cloud Office platform.

Flexes to match your business model – today and tomorrow: Whether a business wants the “cookie cutter” approach with full standardization across locations, a high degree of customization at each location, or a hybrid approach, Avaya Cloud Office provides great solutions to enable a customer’s unique business model regardless of where it fits on this continuum.

Built-in analytics: Built-in analytics enable IT to gain a deeper understanding of their multi-site communications, regardless of where meetings or calls are taking place. They can review call specifics and user environments during interactions to make improvements from both a quality and service perspective - anywhere, anytime, using any device.

How Multi-site Businesses are Getting Ahead with Avaya Cloud Office

  • A multinational chemical company adopted Avaya Cloud Office to support its rapidly growing global footprint with one seamless solution for all locations. Avaya was able to get this business up and running fast while meeting all regulatory requirements (specifically, related to call recording), providing an intuitive, fully featured UCC solution for all its users on a global basis. Best of all, the business was able to reduce its calling costs across all its global locations.
  • A U.S.-based national insurance provider was looking to carry its cloud-first strategy into its real-time communications environment. This business needed advanced features, reliability, call quality, ease of use, and integration to critical business applications. Avaya Cloud Office provided all of this and more, even enabling the business to reuse some of its existing phone hardware. The results: cost savings, ease of use, and better employee productivity and engagement.

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Avaya Cloud Office gives multi-site businesses what they need to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market: simplified but powerful communications that requires substantially less overhead so that everyone can focus on what needs to get done, regardless of location.

Optimizing Multi-site Business Communications

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