Natalie KeightleyMay 18, 2021

Your Customer Experience Is Only as Great as Your AI-Infused Knowledge and Insights

It is incredibly exciting to imagine how data and analytics will transform entire industries. Ninety percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years, and businesses are now spending more than $180 billion a year on big data analysis. Some of today’s big data leaders include:

  • Amazon: the e-commerce giant earns 35% of its annual sales through personalized product recommendations, driving loyalty and repeat spending.
  • Starwood Hotels: the hotel chain (a Marriott brand) uses a data-driven pricing model that changes based on everything from local and global economic situations to weather to events at nearby properties. This tactic has resulted in a 5% revenue increase per room for the hotel chain.
  • Netflix: the streaming platform’s impressive 93% retention rate is a result of knowing their users well. This data-driven understanding has also helped the company rapidly grow its original movies and TV shows in line with what viewers say they want most.
  • Expedia: When a site visitor completes relevant information fields (i.e., roundtrip vs. one-way, check-in and check-out dates) the company rapidly analyzes a data warehouse containing approximately 200 terabytes of data - an amount of information that would have been impossible to handle 10 years ago – to deliver the best possible travel results.

Creating Context in a Connected World

What does this look like for customer service operations? It means being able to quickly gather and organize data, and present that data as clearly as possible, for both customers and employees to get the answers and information they need. From a technical standpoint, this means infusing Artificial Intelligence (AI), knowledge, and insights throughout every customer and employee journey to help ensure intelligent, data-driven decisions and inform next best actions.

Here’s what this looks like in practice:

Gather, monitor, analyze, and manage employee performance:

  • Capture desktop activity to get visibility into employee off-phone activities, application usage, processes, and schedule adherence.
  • Automate the entire quality management process, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching.
  • Enable supervisors to promote consistent customer experiences by listening to customer calls.

Provide employees with real-time suggestions, prompts, and dynamically-generated guidance – all based on in-the-moment voice and digital customer interactions:

  • Conversations hold a vast amount of information. Real-time, AI-powered translation can automatically transcribe voice interactions into actionable outcomes to help create experiences that matter.
  • Instantly capture and analyze conversations, transcribe spoken words, and read between the lines to highlight customer and agent sentiment as the conversation unfolds.
  • Identify measures that contribute to an enhanced customer experience and instantly initiate action. Make an upsell suggestion, flag a compliance requirement, launch a process, and more.
  • Automatically surface intelligence from recorded calls. Sophisticated analytics identifies, groups, and organizes spoken words and phrases into themes to help reveal trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

Let the right data drive informed decisions and next best actions:

  • Equip customers with better self-help tools and serve contextual knowledge documents to employees while they are speaking with customers to improve customer satisfaction and issue resolution.
  • Increase first contact resolution by delivering relevant, contextual knowledge content to employees and customers.
  • Analyze customer interactions in real-time, and monitor customer intent and sentiment to drive better outcomes.

AI digital assistants that provide transcripts and insights before call connections, as well as deliver real-time on-screen employee guidance:

  • Deliver complete information and context to help advise employees on the next best action to take.
  • Access several enterprise data sources at once to provide employees with the answers they need when they need them in the context of the service experience.

Historical reporting and live monitoring to enhance employee performance and identify improvement opportunities:

  • Help supervisors continually promote a more consistent and reliable customer experience by listening to customer calls in real-time and, when needed, join the customer conversation.
  • Get the big picture on what’s happening across your customer service/contact centers over time with rich historical reporting. These insights can be used by management to more rapidly identify emerging trends or key pain points to come up with workable solutions.

Learn more with Avaya’s new research report published in partnership with Contact Center Week (CCW), “4 Ways CCaaS Delivers A Better Employee and Customer Experience in 2021.”  


Your Customer Experience Is Only as Great as Your AI-Infused Knowledge and Insights

Natalie Keightley

Natalie Keightley, Contact Center Product Marketing Lead at Avaya, supports Avaya Healthcare and Customer Engagement Solutions, focusing on customer experience as part of an organization's digital transformation.

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