Paul RelfMay 11, 2021

As Avaya Redefines Video Conferencing, Aragon Research Names Them a Leader

After a year unlike any other – overnight remote workforce migration, distance learning, new digital lifestyles – the world has become heavily reliant on video conferencing. Businesses and families immersed themselves in video sessions from an array of vendors to maintain communications, with many choosing to remain partly or fully remote as the world continues its recovery from the global health crisis. Avaya stands as a strong innovator in this space, most recently being categorized in the Leader’s sector for video conferencing by Aragon Research in its “Aragon Research Globe for Video Conferencing 2021” report.  

As defined by Aragon, Leaders have comprehensive strategies that align with industry direction and market demand and perform effectively against those strategies. Below is Avaya’s vision for video conferencing, fueled by our Avaya Spaces workstream collaboration solution, which has propelled us deep into Aragon’s Leader’s sector:  

Total Experience (TX)

TX challenges businesses to think not just about feature comparisons but rather the whole experience, building strategy, technology capability, and innovation frameworks holistically. From a video conferencing standpoint, this means going beyond the singular experience a user has during meetings to think about the experience as a whole – before meetings, during, and after. Avaya has designed its workstream collaboration solution specifically for this purpose with holistic team collaboration capabilities including video meetings, persistent chat, task management, file sharing, calling, and more.   


Unlike most other platforms, Avaya’s solution is designed so that businesses can build onto them using Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS). Avaya OneCLoudTM CPaaS offers developers an easy-to-use platform with a comprehensive set of communications functions, which can be seamlessly incorporated into any type of application. With Avaya Spaces built on CPaaS, businesses can easily extend and scale their functionality to include AI, chatbots, IoT, and more to compose unique solutions that fit specific workflows and vertical applications. Best of all, customers only pay for the features they need and use.

All-in-one functionality

COVID-19 opened the floodgates for working remotely, but it also opened pandora’s box. Many businesses had to rapidly adopt new cloud-based tools that would enable employees to work from anywhere, adding costs while their existing system went idle. Others found themselves managing and paying for multiple separate communications solutions for capabilities like video and chat (ex: Forbes reports that 62% of companies use three or more video calling platforms). Avaya’s workstream collaboration solution is designed to eliminate these multiple standalone solutions as an all-in-one, cloud-based platform. Our solution is equally ideal for helping on-premises businesses move from their legacy telephony to a leading-edge workstream collaboration interface that leverages existing calling tools.

How Customers Are Using Avaya’s Workstream Collaboration Solution

  • Our solution enabled 6 Points, a premier quarterback training facility located in Jacksonville, FL, to quickly shift to a virtual model without program interruption to workouts, training, and communication — all while increasing operational efficiencies, amplifying the training experience with easy mobility, and identifying new opportunities for business growth and digital transformation. 
  • Quality Resource Management, the nation’s premier incident response center for insurance claims intake and private dispatch services, was able to increase new hires by 50. Their dedicated at-home setup for working safely from home has been a major factor in attracting potential new hires.
  • Using Avaya Spaces, St. John’s Lutheran School near Chicago was able to maintain 100% enrollment with an immersive learning experience. Some students who were typically quiet or not engaged in the traditional classroom were able to express themselves differently and came off their shells.

It’s time to rethink communications, collaboration, and the way work gets done. To learn more about Aragon Research's findings, download the report for free here. Learn more about Avaya’s workstream collaboration solution.

As Avaya Redefines Video Conferencing, Aragon Research Names Them a Leader

Paul Relf

Paul Relf is a Digital Transformation Accelerator highly skilled in bringing mobile and cloud solutions to market (B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS, Private Cloud). As a Senior Director of Product Management at Avaya, he helps customers enhance user experience, increase productivity and improve business performance by leveraging disruptive digital technology. Paul is responsible for Avaya's broad Enterprise UC&C portfolio where he is leading the introduction of cloud-native video / team collaboration services, in addition to enabling customers of all sizes, geographies and verticals to migrate their business communications to cloud.

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