Paul LangMarch 31, 2021

What’s a Cloud Contact Center and Why Does Your Business Need One?

When you first started your business, things were simple. Customer service was the occasional ring of your phone. Over the years, you may have hired an assistant who handles customer calls here and there. Now, you have a team of people working in customer service and theres room to grow. You never really thought about putting it all together with a dedicated customer service (a.k.a. contact center) solution, but the benefits are worth investigating.

As customer communication options continue to expand along with the expectations customers have for issue resolution, your business needs the right solution to create experiences that matter - both for your customers and employees. A cloud contact center solution pulls everything together, acting as a central point from which all customer interactions across various communication channels and devices are managed and served. Their main purpose is to provide employees with the tools they need to deliver efficient and streamlined customer service and sales assistance. The cloud makes it easy and cost-efficient to deliver the experience customers expect- whether you have a handful, hundreds, or thousands of people in your organization.

Heres why now is the best time for your business to take this important next step:

Are you truly focused on the customer experience?

Ever-evolving technology has brought new ways for customers to engage. Its no longer about just service - its about experiences. A cloud contact center solution greatly elevates customer convenience; customers can effortlessly connect with your organization across multiple communication channels and devices - both voice and digital - without confusion or complexity. It also ties together the various channels and devices your employees use to enable seamless customer interactions, handoffs, and data that help them work smarter and faster with more satisfaction. Employee retention will increase with the ability to handle basic, day-to-day interactions with greater ease and consistency, all while being able to deliver a more personalized touch that builds customer relationships and loyalty.

How prepared is your customer service operation?

Even if you only have a few people handling customer service, these employees need the right tools to smoothly assist customers as they reach out across various communication channels and devices. They also need access to these tools regardless of location. Whether employees are in-office, working from home, or anywhere else across the globe, your customer experience must always be the same. A seamless cloud contact center solution provides employees with a consolidated, simplified desktop view of everything they need across voice and digital channels, available anywhere, anytime using a web browser.

You also have to consider what your organization would do if calls spiked beyond your staff capacity. Consider the effects of the pandemic: certain businesses and industries were completely overwhelmed by customer service calls. Among many capabilities of a cloud contact center solution is automation that helps offload your customer service employees. Your organization can offer powerful voice and digital self-service options that improve customer convenience and employee efficiency, all with the human touch that keeps everyone connected.

Are you just answering questions, or are you seeking to gain a better understanding of your customers?

Every business needs the right reporting to manage its customer service operations with confidence and ease. You should be able to see whats happening inside your business. That way, you know where and when to make changes. You should be able to collect customer data, and then turn that data into real-time insights that you can act on to deliver a better experience for customers and employees - from better resource utilization to faster inquiry resolution. This level of monitoring and management isnt reserved for large enterprises with thousands of customers. Every business, including yours, needs insight into their customers'  behaviors to better serve them.

A seamless cloud contact center solution will enable you to create new competitive advantages and anticipate your customersneeds by enabling a 360-degree view of their entire journey with your brand. Youll also be able to capture insights into the effectiveness of your employees to improve their performance and experiences, too. A cloud contact center solution enables you to go beyond just answering calls to understand your customers more deeply: who they are, what they want from you, and how you can do better with every interaction.

Give your customers an experience worth talking about.

Avaya gives organizations new ways to connect with customers when and how they want, with the tools managers and employees need to efficiently get the job done. Make experiences memorable across all touchpoints for both customers and the employees who serve them: check out our Avaya OneCloud CCaaS demo experience today.

What’s a Cloud Contact Center and Why Does Your Business Need One?

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