Paul RelfMarch 18, 2021

Transform into the New Future of Work

The pandemic started a new conversation around remote employee engagement. Years of work from anywhere adoption culture were compressed into months, but trying to adopt a ‘business as usual’ remote approach by just enabling employees with a bunch of apps has not been enough.

Many organizations are seeing employees struggle with fatigue from managing too many separate applications. This combined with having to figure out new ways to do business in the middle of the pandemic is pushing organizations to look at technologies that can ‘glue’ together existing applications. Solutions that integrate chat, voice, video, and meetings with business workflows and external apps empowering teams to communicate in context; solutions known as workstream collaboration.

Workstream collaboration provides better access to communication tools, better quality of communications, and helps create a stronger business impact. It replaces disparate tools to collaborate via standalone applications, with configurable virtual workspaces built on top of workflows for communicating, coordinating, and sharing information – interfacing with the existing enterprise ecosystem. Our workstream collaboration solution is Avaya Spaces.

An Easy Path to Workstream Collaboration

According to research by MZA1, a huge number - 76% - of business users still rely on traditional PBX environments for their calling, often operating standalone from their modern collaboration tools. These legacy communication systems were never designed for today’s distributed work environment. 

With new technology, we’re extending the power of on-premise calling through a hybrid cloud design. Now Avaya customers can use their existing on-premise calling capabilities within the Avaya Spaces workstream collaboration platform. Calling, messaging, meetings, file sharing, and task management – now everything is in one place in the Avaya Spaces workstream collaboration platform. Direct from the Avaya Spaces browser experience or mobile app, you can search contacts, call anyone inside or outside the organization, hold, transfer, merge, and handle multiple calls with enterprise quality.

Avaya telephony customers can accelerate their digital transformation with a simple path to workstream collaboration with no business disruption. This is an easy path enabling the transformation of existing telephony communications into the new future of work. Avaya Spaces ‘glues’ everything together to form a unified, integrated, all-in-one solution that can be quickly adopted with no app downloads or user fatigue.

The Power of CPaaS

Avaya CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) offers developers an easy-to-use platform with a comprehensive set of communications functions, which can be seamlessly incorporated into any type of application.

With Avaya Spaces built on CPaaS, you can easily extend and scale its functionality to include things like AI, chatbots, and IoT to create unique solutions that are needed to fit specific workflows or vertical applications. Enterprises can compose the solution that they need.

Enhanced By AI

Avaya’s ability to create unique solutions is driven by CPaaS, and it enables integrations with third-party apps like our collaboration with NVIDIA where we are infusing the communications experience with AI, reimagining collaboration. The new immersive presenter mode in Avaya Spaces overlays speakers on top of presentations with AI to better grab the attention of participants and keep them engaged.

We’ve also all experienced challenges working from home, one, in particular, is background noise – barking dogs, construction work, device notifications, and doorbells. With the new AI noise elimination feature, Avaya Spaces intelligently detects speech and separates it from noise, so users hear only speech. You don’t need expensive noise-canceling devices, you just connect and start talking. And when we all start traveling more, it does wonders silencing those annoying airport announcements! These AI features in Avaya Spaces work with pretty much any device, old or new, coming from the cloud.

Intrigued? Learn more about Avaya Spaces. You can also check out these new AI-powered capabilities at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, taking place April 12-16. Discover how 6 Points, a premier athletic training company reinvented its business model using Avaya Spaces and OneCloud CPaaS.

1 MZA Hosted/Cloud Business Telephony Forecast – published Q4 2020

Transform into the New Future of Work

Paul Relf

Paul Relf is a Digital Transformation Accelerator highly skilled in bringing mobile and cloud solutions to market (B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS, Private Cloud). As a Senior Director of Product Management at Avaya, he helps customers enhance user experience, increase productivity and improve business performance by leveraging disruptive digital technology. Paul is responsible for Avaya's broad Enterprise UC&C portfolio where he is leading the introduction of cloud-native video / team collaboration services, in addition to enabling customers of all sizes, geographies and verticals to migrate their business communications to cloud.

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