Scott HanwellMarch 23, 2021

How Avaya Cloud Office pairs with Learning Management Systems to make Education easier—for everyone.

This month marks one year since the world’s sudden and total shift to distance learning. Teacher morale dropped. Students returned home, missing friends and finding coursework difficult. IT support folks with little time or training were asked to stand up remote learning solutions instantaneously. These challenges remain almost one year later, arguably greater than ever with remote and/or hybrid instruction transforming education long-term.  

As we look to a new future of education, schools must start thinking of more strategic approaches for creating experiences that matter. This includes integrating the solution they rely on for communications and collaboration with a Learning Management System (LMS). This allows users, both teachers and students, to better control their video meetings and learning environment without ever leaving their LMS. It cannot be overstated how important this integration is for reducing issues with day-to-day learning and stress for teachers, parents, and, of course, students. The right communications solution will also address IT constraints, making life for IT support folks as simple as possible in a new era of complexity.

Here’s why Avaya Cloud Office for Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) (supporting Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and Brightspace systems), fires on all cylinders:

For Students and Teachers:

  • Avaya Cloud Office provides teachers and students with a full suite of rich, cloud-based, enterprise-grade communication features including audio and video conferencing, calling, messaging, presence, screen-sharing, task management, and more. All files and communications are kept in one secure place and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, using any device (desktop, Web browser, mobile phone).
  • LMS integration makes it extremely easy to schedule and manage Avaya Cloud Office video meetings in the LMS in a native way. With one-click access for scheduling, starting, joining, and ending video meetings, teachers and students can easily manage their video meetings and online learning environment without ever having to leave the LMS.
  • LMS integration provides teachers with a 360-degree view of their virtual classroom’s interactions including the title, duration, and date/time of each meeting scheduled. They can also view all upcoming and previous meetings and recordings.
  • Students can access Avaya Cloud Office directly from their LMS account to join meetings and view upcoming and previous class sessions and topics. 

For IT Management:

  • Fully featured analytics allow IT to really understand what’s going on with the solution (adoption, usage, network quality, etc.), with the ability to rapidly pinpoint issues. They can create preset alerts or use live reporting to set up performance reports that can be made available when they start their day. 
  • Avaya Cloud Office provides IT with a reliable communications tool that they can use to get their own work done - anywhere, anytime. video, voice, and messaging can be used for vendor meetings, training sessions, internal team meetings and planning, and desktop sharing and remote-control access can facilitate rapid problem solving and support.
  • Scheduled performance reporting enables IT to generate reports with key KPIs that allow for a quick scan and confidence that Avaya Cloud Office is continuing to achieve its 5 9s reliability.
  • The same values of task management that apply to the rest of the community can be leveraged by IT support for viewing key tasks, tracking projects, and getting notified on any device if priority or urgent items pop up.
  • As a public cloud solution, Avaya Cloud Office keeps everything updated and secure with the latest releases and features, so IT doesn’t need to lift a finger (updates happen automatically once per quarter, included at no extra cost).
  • Avaya Cloud Office saves costs related to network upgrades, license fees, installation, standalone services (think of how many collaboration solutions your school is using right now that can be replaced with one single, simple application), and personnel training.

Learn more at Avaya’s upcoming LinkedIn Live session on March 25th, where our Solutions Marketing team will be joined by special guest and Avaya’s own, Jenifer Bond (VP Area Sales Leader, SLED). This short session will be packed with personal stories, Q&A, and a bit about how the Avaya Cloud Office solution can help solve challenges in education.


How Avaya Cloud Office pairs with Learning Management Systems to make Education easier—for everyone.

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