Oliver BengtssonDecember 08, 2020

‘Work from Anywhere’ is Here to Stay: Should You Keep Your Current Collaboration Tools?

With 2020 nearly in the rear-view mirror, the many challenges it has thrown are likely to have long term effects, not the least of which has been the need for flexible solutions that enable seamless remote working. Huge swathes of the working population became at-home workers nearly overnight, and organizations became inundated by the challenges of a highly distributed workforce and potentially inconsistent work. But despite these challenges, over 70% of leaders recently polled by Avaya say they are rethinking how to best support this new future of work - one that doesn’t just endorse work from home but makes work from anywhere a standard, ongoing model even as the world reopens.

A new future of work requires a new answer to the way work gets done. A powerful, cloud-based communication solution, like Avaya Cloud Office,  fundamentally supercharges the way businesses operate by seamlessly connecting all workers - whether in-office, mobile or remote – with each other regardless of location, supporting effortless, unified, and immersive communications experiences.

Here are some of the key advantages of Avaya Cloud Office:

  • Communications that work how and where you work
  • Application integrations that streamline and unify workflows
  • Reachability with the simplicity of one number and presence
  • Personalization that’s more than just setting preferences
  • Flexibility to work your way, now and in the future

Communications that work how and where ‘you’ work:

Work is now more collaborative, team, and project-based than ever. The strength of Avaya Cloud Office is the extraordinary innovation of cloud-based communications that enable important decisions to be made faster, teamwork to be done more efficiently, and businesses to act swiftly and with more agility than their competition.

When employees can chat, make and receive calls, plan and join meetings, collaborate with screen sharing and video, share files, and manage tasks - all from one cloud-based app that runs on any device, they can work more effectively, from wherever they are. The solution works the way they work, and as the nature of business communication evolves, Avaya Cloud Office is kept up-to-date automatically by quarterly enhancements that don’t incur any downtime. For more information about how cloud means always being up to date, automatically and with new features, at no additional cost see our previous blog 5 Ways Small Businesses Win Big By Moving Their Communications to the Cloud.  The solution can also easily scale to support thousands of users globally (perfect for webinars and virtual events amid COVID-19 travel restrictions).

Strong application integration:

Half of our polled executives say they have seen their employees struggle with fatigue from managing too many disparate business and communication tools. User fatigue - combined with having to figure out new ways for growth following a pandemic - is pushing businesses to favor technologies that will simplify and streamline the user experience while enriching it far beyond voice-only communications. A cloud-based communication solution supports the integration of hundreds of ready-to-use business and communication apps like Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Google G-Suite, and more, with the ability to easily make calls and search messages across all these apps for a unified digital user experience that saves money and time.

Reachability with the simplicity of one number and presence:

With a cloud communication solution, all phone calls, faxes, and multimedia messages (video, photos, etc.) go through one single number, and all unanswered messages filter into one mailbox that’s easily accessible from any device. Presence can be used to see who is available before initiating direct contact. Avaya Cloud Office can also send instant notifications via email, message, or the desktop and mobile app to always keep users in the loop. In this way, employees can keep business communications with their business number, and personal communications with their number while maximizing their reachability.

Personalization that’s more than just setting preferences:

Every person works differently. They have different tendencies for the way they communicate, different feelings about how and when they like to be reached, and different job roles in which they operate. A cloud-based solution allows each user to customize their communications environment by simply logging into their user portal to manage their profile. For example, setting custom voice greetings or custom on-hold music and messages (i.e. a real estate agent with an on-hold message that shares tips on how to sell your home fast). Employees can also set up calls to ring sequentially or simultaneously across different devices depending on what their daily or weekly schedule looks like (ex: on Tuesdays and Fridays ring desktop and cellphone for 10 seconds, then go to voicemail). This is also customizable by time of day (ex: on Mondays ring cellphone between 12-2 PM for 10 seconds, then office phone). With a flexible solution like Avaya Cloud Office, every employee is in complete control over their communications.

The flexibility to work your way, now and in the future:

Increased remote working was accelerated by a global pandemic, but we can look forward to a reopened world where work is no longer in a dedicated office but rather wherever you can work - quite literally, anywhere. A cloud communication solution will give you and your employees the flexibility to work your way today and tomorrow, no matter what the future holds.

Go beyond a simple, limited phone system. Learn more about our award-winning cloud communication solution, Avaya Cloud Office.

‘Work from Anywhere’ is Here to Stay: Should You Keep Your Current Collaboration Tools?

Oliver Bengtsson

Oliver Bengtsson is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Avaya Solutions Marketing team, focused on Avaya OneCloud  CPaaS and UCaaS . 

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