Paul RelfOctober 05, 2020

NVIDIA AI + Avaya Spaces = The Best Remote Collaboration Solution, Even Better

Video meeting and team collaboration solutions have exploded in 2020 with the onset of COVID-19, and they’ll remain essential as organizations gear up for the new year and extend - if not, permanently support - remote work-from-home policies. We have been working with companies across verticals and industries to help them quickly adapt and continue creating experiences that matter using our cloud-based video meeting and team collaboration solution, Avaya Spaces:

·        Using Avaya Spaces, St. John’s Lutheran School successfully transitioned its entire student body to an immersive online learning program within one week of the state’s shelter in place orders. With such success, the school has decided to continue full-time online learning to start the 2020-2021 academic year.

·        A pre-COVID investment in Avaya Spaces helped premier quarterback training facility, 6 Points, quickly shift to a virtual business model without program interruption to workouts, training, and communication.

·        Quality Resource Management (QRM) - the nation’s premier incident response center for insurance claims intake and private dispatch services - is using Avaya Spaces for remote training sessions, audit reviews, and client visits.

The explosive growth of video conferencing and proliferation of platforms has created the need for easier, more high-performing solutions. We see this need loud and clear. In collaboration with NVIDIA, we’ll  be rolling out new AI-powered meeting capabilities using the NVIDIA Maxine video conferencing AI platform to further simplify the user experience while increasing the impact and value of visual, audible, and collaborative experiences through the Avaya Spaces app - available anywhere, on any device.

Stay focused with AI-based background noise removal

One of the top challenges of the new “work from home” reality is background noise: barking dogs, construction work, device notifications. With all-new AI functionality powered by NVIDIA Maxine, Avaya Spaces is able to intelligently detect speech and separate it from all background noise so what users hear is speech alone. This crystal-clear audio is hugely helpful in both real-time and for listening back to recordings for transcribing (the solution also has this covered with AI augmented transcription). With Avaya Spaces, you don’t need expensive noise-cancelling devices - just log in and start talking.

Create stunning backdrops with AI background replacement

The initial excitement of wacky backgrounds has worn off as remote work becomes the daily norm. Users are looking for more classic and professional backgrounds for when they may not have the best space for conducting video meetings (we’ve seen it all, from messy sinks while working from the kitchen table to DIY backgrounds falling apart mid-meeting). Almost every solution on the market today allows you to upload your own custom background, but the quality sent may be compromised with varying lighting and all the background stuff in a typical work-from-home environment. Existing virtual background features also sometimes struggle to define the edges of the person speaking. Avaya Spaces solves for this. With new NVIDIA AI, our platform retains high detail of the background, whether you select one of our images or upload your own.

Fight meeting fatigue and create more engaging experiences with AI-infused presentation

Screenshare is a helpful tool for sharing important information with a live audience, from PDFs to PowerPoint presentations. For large-scale events - lectures, distancing learning, panel discussions - new AI-infused presentation within Avaya Spaces allows users to create more engaging virtual experiences by overlaying speakers on top of the presented material. Hand gestures and facial expressions become far more pronounced and effective, and presenters can better grab the attention of participants and keep them engaged. Non-active speakers become transparent to avoid blocking the presentation (those who are muted will not appear in this presentation mode).

Avaya Spaces supports these powerful NVIDIA AI features on any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) without complex end user device requirements - all while allowing users to cost-effectively scale to address the rapid growth in video meetings and collaboration occurring with the acceleration of remote work.

Sign up for a free trial of Avaya Spaces here. You can also check out these new AI-powered capabilities at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, taking place October 5-9.

NVIDIA AI + Avaya Spaces

Paul Relf

Paul Relf is a Digital Transformation Accelerator highly skilled in bringing mobile and cloud solutions to market (B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS, Private Cloud). As a Senior Director of Product Management at Avaya, he helps customers enhance user experience, increase productivity and improve business performance by leveraging disruptive digital technology. Paul is responsible for Avaya's broad Enterprise UC&C portfolio where he is leading the introduction of cloud-native video / team collaboration services, in addition to enabling customers of all sizes, geographies and verticals to migrate their business communications to cloud.

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