Natalie KeightleyJuly 02, 2020

Frost & Sullivan Places Avaya as Clear Leader in Workforce Engagement

Avaya has supported companies all over the world for the past several months (during COVID-19) and over decades, and our dedication to continuous innovation and improvements in helping them deliver outstanding customer service has never waned. In fact, Frost and Sullivan says our complete approach to Workforce Engagement—including AI-infused bots, predictive routing, and agent guidance—makes Avaya the market leader in creating innovative customer experiences.

Workforce Engagement, when done right, helps organizations generate high-quality customer interactions, simplify business processes and synchronize employee and customer experiences since motivated and empowered employees deliver the best customer outcomes.

Recent months have put a spotlight on the importance of customer service, and indirectly on Workforce Engagement, in ways I haven’t seen in recent history. From having to change travel plans with airlines and hotels, to interacting with universities to manage tuition reimbursement for cancelled classes, to scheduling virtual medical appointments and grocery deliveries, customer experience has been at the forefront.

Add to that, today’s “everything customer”, myself included, expects service adapted to their current situation, mood, and urgency—amid everchanging circumstances around them. This can be a very daunting task for companies unless they have a sound, well-executed customer experience strategy to exceed customer expectations in a multiexperience economy that sets them apart from their competition.

An organization’s brand is the sum total of all the experiences it delivers. Meaning all of what you do, and the way your customers and prospects perceive all that you do, adds up to your actual customer experience. To make that “everything customer” experience the very best it can be, you need a lot of moving parts aligned and working together like a well-oiled machine. Realize that every employee experience—their environment, tools, training, empowerment, appreciation, and more—is reflected in the customer experience you’re delivering. It’s about leadership and management, it’s about strategy and execution. It’s about creating a customer-obsessed culture where experiences—both customer and employee—matter more than almost anything else.

Avaya is a proven Workforce Engagement leader when it comes to helping businesses deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences. That’s why leading industry analyst, Frost and Sullivan, honored us with their 2020 North American Workforce Optimization Growth, Innovation and Leadership Award. In a market full of vendors who deliver different levels of contact center solutions, Avaya leads the industry in delivering on all the areas required to enable customers to deliver their own excellent customer experiences.

A few excerpts from the Frost and Sullivan leadership report:

  • “Avaya offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the market that can deliver unique customer experience and employee experience across all modalities, touchpoints, and personas. The capabilities can intelligently transition customer needs from self-service AI to human interaction and deliver the personalized journey across the entire organization, from front- to back-office for a superior customer experience.”
  • “The Avaya OneCloud CCaaS portfolio provides customer and Workforce Engagement solutions supplemented by capabilities such as AI-infused bots, predictive routing, and real-time sentiment analysis and agent guidance.”
  • “These capabilities connect all the touchpoints across the customer journey including voice, video, chat, messaging, social, and screen, to name a few. And they bring together all the resources, insights, and knowledge from across the organization, which is best suited to deliver not only the right customer experience but also the right employee experience too.”
  • “It (Avaya) has a long history of innovation utilizing AI and mobility technologies. Notable examples include Avaya Conversational Intelligence, Avaya Mobile Experience, Avaya Mobile Identity, and Avaya AI routing.”
  • “Avaya offers flexible CCaaS options, supporting public, private and hybrid deployment options, ensuring customers can leverage the cloud model best suited to their business needs.”

As customer expectations continue to evolve, so must the approach that organizations take to deliver high quality experiences that leads to brand loyalty. With Avaya, we can help you implement a comprehensive end-to-end customer engagement strategy to help make your business a customer’s first choice time after time.

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