Simon HarrisonFebruary 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day from Avaya!

Just short of 20 days ago, I started what I know will be a fantastic journey at Avaya, and one of the first people I met in our Guildford office was Liza Fiddes.  Among many conversations I had that day, it was one with Liza that made a real impression. Fleetingly, she mentioned that she had to dash to a meeting to let the British Heart Foundation, a charity Avaya supports, know that our £3,000 donation has another £7,000 to be added. What struck me was how the tone and mention made it obvious that this is just something Avaya does, all the time.

I dug deeper and sure enough, giving £10,000 each year to just this one charity is a normal ambition for the local Avaya staff. I didn’t realise, then, that I was about to learn just how big a heart this company has.

Helping Avaya Staff to Change the World

I checked in with Sara Broadbent, our Director of Corporate Responsibility and Philanthropy, (yes, we have one of those), and I was absolutely blown away to find out just how much we do as a company to support countless charities and good causes all around the world. I know Avaya is changing the world with enabling technologies, but I had no idea just how much passion the company has in supporting its staff to help with amazing and life-changing causes.

I went on to learn how Avaya supports children and families in vulnerable situations in Argentina. Promotes smarter marine environmental policies and motivates citizens to save our shores in China and California (#AvayaSaveOurShores). Supports food banks in Canada to relieve hunger. Avaya helps a sanctuary in Gurgaon, India, that houses about a thousand animals, providing health and emergency animal services. It supports the volunteers that help others in times of disaster to perform water rescue, medical triage and supply gathering/distribution with the Cajun Navy in the aftermath of hurricanes. I would not actually be able to begin to write, here, just how much Avaya is changing the world through its people. People that are so passionate about helping others and how much the company wants to do, to help them.

Extending support for causes, even further, Avaya does many things to shape and create a better world for future generations. Such as, helping the Highlands Ranch STEM school in Colorado to ensure innovation is in the centre of learning, unleashing the potential of students to prepare them for an exponentially changing world.

Show The World You Care

We add more and more support for new charities and causes every day. We support the world in times of crisis, like the donation of video and communications technology, and the coordination of the partners to deploy it, to a new 1,000 bed Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital in China to help coronavirus patients. Enabling them to connect with their loved ones, remotely, where they may otherwise be completely isolated from the people that care about them the most and who provide the essential support they need.  Wow.

This is Avaya. A company that cares. People whose hearts are at the centre of experiences that matter, and I am so proud to be here. And I thought what a great occasion to share some of that and suggest, if you’re not already showing the world how much you care, you can start, today. Valentine's Day is about showing others how much you care.

If you can help, do something, today. Here’s just a few good causes to consider.

Else, hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day from all at Avaya!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Avaya!

Simon Harrison

Simon Harrison is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, leading the global marketing function to engage new and existing customers and partners, drive adoption of the company’s software solutions and support Avaya as the leading player in a dynamic digital communications market. 

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