Paul LangFebruary 04, 2020

Using AI Routing to Find Your Contact Center Soulmate

The contact center is full of personality, with both customers and agents having their own unique traits and behaviors. No two people, customer or agent,  interacting in this area of business are alike. How can organizations of different shapes and sizes use this to their advantage to create deep and meaningful human connections? How can you capitalize on these different personalities to improve contact outcomes week-over-week and drive long-term brand and employee loyalty?

Compatible personalities are a huge advantage for any relationship, and that extends to brand relationships. Research shows that:

Again, we ask: how can you capitalize on the different personalities within your contact center to drive measurable improvements? The answer lies in what is arguably the greatest driver of the digital customer experience: artificial intelligence (AI).

If your organization isn’t using AI within the contact center, it’s highly likely that your competitors are—and that should be concerning. Ninety-four percent of organizations recognize the ability of AI to improve contact center performance, according to Vanson Bourne, with 99% using AI to some extent in this area of business. This brings us to one of the most valuable and promising applications of AI in the contact center: AI routing.

Why AI Routing

Nearly every goal designed to improve contact center efficiency and customer experience (i.e. increasing agent productivity, resolving more issues at the first attempt) as well as employee (and agent) satisfaction requires routing customers to the right agent in the first place. This requires an AI solution that can predict customer needs in order to get them to the right person.

AI routing does just this, leveraging the technology to identify subtle, valuable patterns within billions of historical interactions to intelligently pair customers and agents. These pairings are based on next-level variables like shared values, commonalities and—you guessed it—personality to create deeper relationships that improve engagement and satisfaction on both ends. For contact center organizations wanting to benefit from AI to improve CX as a competitive differentiator, seeking better ways to capitalize on voice traffic or need to better manage a growing number of unique skillsets, AI routing is the ideal solution.

What Are the Top Benefits?

AI routing will be foundational in the contact center for organizations of all sizes to remain competitive, retain customers and agents, and produce better business outcomes. And we are making it available today. That’s why we’re so excited about our new AI routing solution—Avaya AI Routing with Afiniti AiRo—launched in partnership with market leader Afiniti. Avaya is proud to be the only organization reselling this cutting-edge offering in continuance of our great partnership with Afiniti.

The solution is truly simple, enabling quite literally anyone to get on board with and manage AI. Users simply sign on, connect up to six of their own data feeds, and allow the solution to find the best match for customers and agents based on subtle patterns within existing data. New self-service capabilities also allow organizations to control and contribute their own data (ownership and security), enabling swift modifications in response to market, industry, environmental, and consumer demands to shorten sales cycles and time to revenue.

Other key benefits include:

  • More meaningful relationships with intelligent pairing, driving significant improvements in sales rates, close rates, retention rates and no operational charges
  • Improved conversion rates via increased tele sales, improved customer retention, and greater cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Enhanced customer and agent satisfaction with boost in CSAT and NPS ratings, reduced agent turnover, and increase in agent tenure
  • Reduced costs via optimizing time that customers spend on calls, improved operational efficiency, and increase in conversation effectiveness
  • Flexible subscription pricing, which offers users a low financial on-ramp for implementing AI (lack of funding is a key barrier to AI adoption for 42% of organizations, according to Vanson Bourne)

Another key benefit of the solution is the ability to measure results at any given moment. Our Afiniti AI Routing is able to precisely measure the exact benefit that it is delivering for any given KPI that the user has set. Users have the ability to modify the metrics and time cycles depending on their organization’s needs.

AI routing is a powerful example of how AI is revolutionizing not just the contact center but the foundation of communication, and we’re only getting started. Learn more about Avaya AI Routing with Afiniti AiRo here.

Using AI Routing to find your contact center soulmate

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