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May 05, 2022

Composed Experiences – Going to the Doctor

What is Composability?

“Composing solutions” may be a new term for you, especially in the context of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions. What is composability, and how does it fit into your business’s initiatives? It means exactly what you think it means: composability is all about creating options for businesses to provide their brand and unique experiences for their clients. 

Composed Solutions

Many businesses are already using composed solutions without knowing it. Consider the last few years, where many of us have sat on countless video meetings, and many of these calls existed on popular platforms with recognizable names. But how often have you sat on a video call with a company that had their own brand across the screen, with the video call or video component seemingly “living” within the brand itself? This likely didn’t happen very often, but when it did, it was memorable and impressive. That video component embedded into the organization’s brand was created using a composable solution — basically, a solutions-focused company that took a video component and combined it with the organization’s brand and other capabilities, building a unique experience. This became a composed solution. 

Composability in Telehealth

In healthcare, more and more providers are offering telehealth capabilities. Video consultations are becoming common, while online portals with patient registration, medical history, and other questionnaires are rapidly replacing physical documentation filled out in the office. Making these services accessible, intuitive, and integrated for patients is a necessity for a wide range of online healthcare proficiency.  Efficiency and accuracy are among the other benefits of moving these capabilities online.

After all, what healthcare providers are able to do can impact more than the patient themselves, especially in today’s world. More importantly the telehealth capabilities offered have become more crucial to successful outcomes, which is why composable solutions may be key in providing higher quality of care. Investing in composable solutions and capabilities can create a better patient experience overall than navigating through several separate apps.

For example, there was a composed solution built with Avaya Spaces, under the direction of the Indian Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology, to provide citizens with access to medical services via virtual video consultations. In partnership with the ministry, we created the MedicSetu Virtual Outpatient Department in seven days, at a time when medical care was most needed during a pandemic. This included innovative healthcare access where patients could connect with doctors while going through quarantine for COVID-19. Patients were able to receive medical help and information via video while in their quarantine locations with basic mobile phones. This solution was composed with modular, building block capabilities — a Digital India portal for scheduling, registration, and checking vitals; a dashboard with wait times and doctor information; and of course, video chat, file sharing, and a virtual waiting room. All of this led to improved patient visits, less stress, and patient consultations in an efficient and quick manner. 

The ability to launch a well-ordered virtual outpatient department in such a short time was only possible with a composable solution that integrated everything the healthcare providers needed and the Indian Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology asked for. The initiative onboarded over 1,000 doctors and provided an innovative way to bring together the various technologies with healthcare services.

Want to Learn More? 

Interested in more composable solutions that businesses are leveraging? Reach out to an Avaya representative to learn more about our Avaya Spaces solution.

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