Karen HardyMay 20, 2019

Avaya and Verint: Two Market Leaders, One Incredible CX Strategy

When thinking about Workforce Engagement , what comes to mind? Call recording? Quality Management? Workforce Management? You wouldn’t be wrong, but Workforce Engagement has evolved into so much more. Today’s technology must go beyond the basics to empower agents with the intelligence and efficiency they need to drive deeper customer relationships and feel more immersed and fulfilled in their roles.

Together, Avaya and Verint make this happen.

As partners for nearly 15 years, Avaya and Verint represent the best of what customer engagement leaders can do (Avaya being No. 1 in the global contact center systems market and Verint a recognized global leader in  Workforce Engagement ). With more than 6,000 customers across 7,800 sites, the partnership of Avaya and Verint offers a single vendor strategy with extensive experience and end-to-end support.

We’ve been working closely with Verint to bring advanced new options as part of flexible cloud deployments via Avaya OneCloud and attractive upgrade options that give customers greater choice and control over their Workforce Engagement environment and beyond. Here are just a few of the advanced capabilities that Avaya and Verint bring to the table:

Voice of the Employee (VoE): Securely capture, analyze and store interactions to gain a deeper understanding of employee sentiment, stressors, and concerns (things that aren’t easily offered up in performance reviews or questionnaires). You can even leverage tools to get an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to gauge sentiment over time just as you would with customers. Create experiences that matter for employees by finding out what matters most to them.

Speech and Text Analytics: Analyze what’s happening in customer conversations—be it voice- or text-based—to uncover where agents are struggling with things like limitations in applications, procedures, policies or anything else that prevents them from being the best they can be. Organically improve by meeting customers where they are across the customer journey.

New Desktop Experience: Agents need modern desktops that provide at-a-glance information without having to navigate through multiple screens or information systems (research shows that agent screen jumping costs a typical 300 agent contact center $1.57 million a year in lost productivity). Together, Avaya and Verint enable the use of customizable desktop widgets that can embed Knowledge Management and Case Management insights to provide quick access to pop-up applications or extended capabilities without agents needing to search or leave their main screen.

Self-Service Applications: The rise of self-service applications in the workplace has helped optimize agent productivity, reduce burnout, and increase overall engagement. Virtual assistants, for example, can help siphon off repetitive, tedious and time-consuming interactions so that when agents do handle interactions they more complex and interesting in nature. According to Dimension Data, 62% of organizations expect virtual assistants to have a place in their companies within the next two years.

Brands are built on great experiences, and these experiences are built on innovative tools for Workforce Engagement. Organizations realize the full power of Workforce Engagement by prioritizing the experience of their employees for effectively serving customers. Together, Avaya and Verint can help deliver these experiences like no other.

If you’re in the Orlando area this week, we hope to see you at Verint’s 2019 Engage Conference taking place May 20-23. We’ll be demonstrating our own Avaya IX solution portfolio as well as highlighting our art of the possible strategic partnership with Verint. Stop by our booth to engage and learn!

In the meantime, learn more about developing a strong culture of workforce engagement with our latest white paper, published in partnership with Frost & Sullivan.


Karen Hardy

Karen Hardy, Vice President of Product & Solution Marketing at Avaya, is a 20+ year business communications industry veteran who currently leads marketing for Avaya's market-leading customer engagement and team engagement technologies.

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