Mike ButtsMarch 17, 2019

Avaya Workspaces: Giving a Better Customer Experience Builds Brand Value

Your prospective customers do copious research on your company before they contact you. Just like most of us check out a new restaurant online (look at the menu, customer reviews, parking options) or plan a vacation (scour the internet for hotel, air, rental car, activities), business-to-business (B2B) customers perform research on your company, products, and services before connecting with and buying from you.

Once you welcome a new customer, you’ll find they have high expectations for exceptional service. So, what happens if expectations aren’t met? Well, customers aren’t shy about sharing their experiences on the web, with friends, and on social media—the very places that your prospective customers are doing their research. Positive experiences improve sales revenue, customer loyalty, and brand value. Negative experiences can lower sales, customer acquisition, and loyalty—and they can damage your brand.

It’s Essential for Companies to Deliver on Ever-Rising Customer Expectations

Companies must keep ahead of customer service expectations to grow their businesses and brands. So, where do you start? While there are many ways to improve your customer experience, I think it’s essential that you equip your agents with all the necessary customer intelligence they need to serve customers. Give your contact center agents easy access to relevant customer intelligence. This will improve customer response times, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction—and will help prevent customer and agent frustration, which leads to customer (and agent) attrition.

If your agents have no visibility to a customer’s previous interactions or events, they’re starting from a blank sheet at every call. If you’re like most companies, your customer information is located (or locked away) in multiple siloed databases such as business applications, CRM systems, social media channels, chat logs, emails, customer satisfaction surveys, and more. And you probably encounter IT resource limitations and long lead times when you want to extend the functionality of the agent desktop by adding customer information feeds.

Avaya Workspaces Gives Agents the Info They Need to Deliver Better Service

What if there was an easier and better way to equip your agents with all the information they need to personalize each customer interaction? Avaya Workspaces does just this. Avaya Workspaces brings together information from multiple sources—customer profiles, buying history, customer journeys—and makes them instantly available in a single, consolidated view that gives your agents the information and tools they need to best serve customers.

Avaya Workspaces enables contact centers to:

  • Consolidate information from multiple applications (including CRM and third-party applications) and deliver a single, comprehensive view of your relationship with the customer
  • Anticipate needs and personalize each customer interaction by viewing and interacting with different touchpoints along the customer journey such as calls, past transactions, and support tickets
  • Increase operational efficiency and response times with fast access to information, which helps eliminate time-consuming look-ups and manual processes like offline note taking
  • Easily personalize Avaya Workspaces for different user profiles: agents, supervisors, administrators, and back-office personnel

The result is an innovative desktop solution that helps your agents make better and faster decisions, deliver more personalized experiences, and anticipate customer needs.

Plus, your IT organization will love Avaya Workspaces because it is a browser-based desktop. This means no heavy lifting by IT to implement and maintain it, lowering total cost of ownership. No modifications to your current Avaya Call Center Elite infrastructure are required—your voice or skills routing processes remain the same. And the widget-driven architecture makes it easy to quickly customize the desktop with application add-ons and information feeds.

Customer experience is measured in the quality and consistency of customer interactions and the relationship customers have with your brand. To compete in an era of hyper-competitiveness and ever-evolving customer demands and possibilities, you need to empower your agents to deliver an effective, efficient and personalized customer experience.

Avaya Workspaces: Giving a Better Customer Experience Builds Brand Value

Mike Butts

Mike has 10 years of contact center experience and more than 25 years of business-to-business marketing experience crafting and executing go-to-market strategies for engineered and technology solutions. At Avaya, Mike focuses on Avaya Workforce Optimization, and agent desktop and contact center solutions for midsize businesses.

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