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Increase Availability and Responsiveness for Users Across Geographies and Devices

  • Help your users run at business speed with a communications infrastructure that enables mobile and virtual engagement. Our flexible and robust networks protect against outages and provide easier and faster deployment of capabilities and services.
  • See the business impact when employees, partners, and customers can connect across networks, locations, and time. Workforces are more available and responsive, and customer experience is seamless and optimized.
  • Use Avaya's secure, reliable, and cost-effective mobility solutions to empower all your users. Executives, salespeople, project teams, knowledge workers, customer agents, and guests can work together, as if they're all using the same tool set.
  • Keep your business moving. Even when people are in airports and hotels, at client and partner sites, or in home or branch offices, they can access business applications and become fully functional on any mobile device—whether the devices are employee-owned, from an external guest, or corporate-supplied.

• Make Mobile Engagement Intuitive

Improve collaboration with user-friendly messaging, video, audio, and web communications. When you empower people to easily share ideas and content you can boost productivity, and drive revenue, growth, and profit.

• Support Whatever Walks in the Door

Support Bring-Your-Own-Device to reduce costs, increase engagement, and enhance communications. Provide business applications on personal devices, across the broadest range of tablets, smartphones, clients, and laptops.

• Secure Your Communications

Embrace mobile communications with confidence. Give your employees, consultants, and clients secure access to the enterprise.

Mobile Communications and Engagement
Avaya Mobile Enablement - Enterprise Grade Communication Tools

Teleworkers—Make Home Offices a Corporate Location

Support knowledge workers and contact center agents working from home. Extend the communication tools they rely on, including enterprise grade voice, video, IM, presence, content sharing and conferencing. Provide secure, reliable real-time collaboration through soft clients, endpoints, and business applications. Intelligent architecture manages bandwidth and drives down costs.

Road Warriors—Out and About, But Easily Connected

Employees need to communicate when working from a public place, hotel, or client or partner location. With Avaya, they can use their enterprise numbers for all inbound and outbound communications across devices—plus, one-button connections and voice-driven logins make joining conferences and placing calls highly efficient. Direct your voice traffic over Wi-Fi and the corporate network to reduce long distance and roaming charges. Access to unified communications and video lets road warriors stay connected and still spend quality time mobile and in the field with customers.

Connecting Mobile Workers
Mobility Enablement - Mobile Workers

Enterprise Roamers—Rarely Found at Their Desks

Make work easier for people and teams when they’re moving throughout the office, from cubes to offices to conference rooms. Temporary, on-the-go workspaces shouldn’t translate into a lack of business performance. Let users easily shift between devices and networks and remain available while in motion. Users and guests self-register devices to your network—leveraging the enterprise network like this reduces your cellular costs. A wireless network that puts your business-critical applications needs first delivers predictable application performance to your roaming, mobile users.

Desk Workers—They Use Mobile Devices Too

Complement desktop tools with mobile devices. Extending mobile capabilities to desk workers harmonizes the use of day-to-day tools across devices and networks. Promote productivity with the ability to extend work days at home as needed.

Complementing Desktop Tools with Mobile Devices
Mobile Applications Customer Smartphone Interaction

Customers—They're Mobile and Your Services Should Be Too

Enable customers to get service from your contact center using their mobile devices. Avaya mobile applications let customers interact using their smartphones. Increase service levels and agent productivity. Customers maintain full context of their session when moving from application interaction to real-time connections.

See How Wind River is Taking Engagement to Entirely New Levels—Even in Space

This global leader in embedded technology supplies the computing power inside incredible innovations like the Mars rover, wind turbines, assembly robots, and satellites. Using Avaya IP Office and Avaya one-X® Mobile, Wind River teammates stay engaged with one another and with customers to help imagine and build the next generation of innovations, here on Earth and beyond.

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Explore the latest in mobility. Empower teams with more, easier engagement options and new ways to be responsive to customers—both add to your competitive advantage. Plus, mobility is more cost effective than ever, and a snap to deploy and use.



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