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Deliver a More Connected, Mobile, Safer Learning Environment

  • Evolve your network with an always-on, easily accessible, robust mobile infrastructure. A private cloud infrastructure helps you achieve faster time to service, better service continuity, and increased efficiency in network performance.
  • Manage BYOD security and bandwidth by updating your wireless networks to deliver wired-level performance to wireless users. Add the central policy decision capabilities needed to implement rules-based access. Leverage the enhanced capabilities for guest network access, portal access, reporting, and analytics.
  • Use your expanded network to deploy hybrid classroom learning experiences, including HD video conferencing, available via remote and mobile access. Create immersive online virtual classrooms that let students and staff interact in 3D sessions using presentations, video, audio, and live chat.
  • Provide the access and bandwidth your faculty needs to deliver online assessment and testing capabilities that meet Common Core State standards.
  • Achieve a safer and more secure learning environment by supporting a real-time notification management system and IP video surveillance applications for thousands of video cameras.

• Open Standards-Based Architecture

Deploy an open architecture that supports the needs of your evolving network by leveraging network equipment you already have in place.

• Lower TCO with Cloud Computing

With a combo of on-premises and cloud-hosted collaboration solutions, you can access advanced communications and collaboration tools at a low, per user, monthly cost.

• Help Keep All Devices Secure

Support your staff and students’ trend to bring their own devices to school with advanced security applications that manage network access and usage.

Education and Cloud Hosted Collaboration Solutions
Student Wi-FI and K-12 Education

An Advanced Infrastructure Supports Your Digital Initiatives

Establish a reliable, always-on, scalable, and energy-efficient infrastructure to deliver online assessments, online courses and testing, digital content, learning management systems, distance learning environments, and cloud-based applications. Enable students to have campus-wide access to Wi-Fi from their mobile devices.

Cloud Solutions Deliver Both Applications and Savings

Streamline communications by integrating cloud-based applications and services for a seamless campus-wide delivery. Lower your costs with a cloud-hosted solutions center that provides pay-as-you-go access to IP telephony and Unified Communications functions, Automatic Call Distribution functions, Contact Center services, and IVR/speech applications.

Avaya Cloud Solutions and IVR Speech Applications
Technology in the Classroom with Avaya

New Learning Paradigms

Provide innovative new learning environments. Connect students to classes and resources using cloud-based and mobile applications. Extend video services to personal video-enabled smartphones and tablets, across the users’ networks. Create an immersive virtual learning environment where staff and students collaborate via 3D visuals, video, and audio.

Video Surveillance and Notifications for a Safe School

Video surveillance is the most effective tool for monitoring what is going on throughout your campus. When you deploy video surveillance as part of your safety protocol, rely on Avaya for the utmost reliability and performance of that surveillance equipment. Avaya network solutions support thousands of video cameras on your network. The Avaya Safe School Solution delivers multi-media notification and security capabilities—including emergency messages, alarms, door locks—that can be managed from a centralized location.

IP Video Surveillance for Safe Schools
Avaya Technology Partners & Solutions

Discover the Strategic Advantage of Working with Avaya Education Ecosystem Partners

Explore and discover innovative, interoperable education solutions from our ecosystem of Technology Partners focused on delivering to schools and campuses. Get connected with partners to help you with ready-made, interoperability-proven solutions. Integrate to your existing systems or customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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The Right Connection for K-12 Education

With cloud computing, e-textbooks, mobile connectivity, and streaming HD video, your students and faculty can collaborate and learn, from virtually any web-enabled device.

Video-Enabled Learning

Integrate Avaya’s HD video collaboration capabilities to improve learning experiences.

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Mobile Learning Experiences on a BYOD-Ready Campus

Transform personal mobile devices into powerful learning tools with ubiquitous Wi-Fi access supported by Avaya networking solutions.

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Safe School Solution

This end-to-end solution combines Avaya communications with our partners’ technologies to auto-manage school emergency systems, including door entry, paging, and mobile communications.

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Learn About the E-Rate Program

The E-rate discount can range from 20% to 90% of the cost of eligible services. Visit the Avaya E-rate Resource Center to learn more.

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Transfer the buzz and energy of physical classrooms into online virtual 3D sessions that are collaborative, active, and in the moment.


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