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Delivering a Personalized Guest Experience: Keep Guests and Staff Connected With Integrated Communications Technology

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Engage Your Guests. Improve Your Staff Efficiency. Increase Your Revenue.

  • Attract and retain guests. Differentiate your brand and increase customer loyalty by creating memorable guest experiences.
  • Increase revenue. Add value to your property and improve occupancy rates with mobile access to VIP-level amenities and business collaboration tools for guests.
  • Improve performance. Enhance productivity, efficiency, and customer service with mobile collaboration tools that keep guests and staff connected.
  • Reduce costs. Integrate existing systems, consolidate multiple properties, and shrink staffing needs with easily scalable solutions.

• What Guests Want: BYOD and Mobility

When your hotel guests want the freedom to work and play on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere, Avaya helps you keep them connected.

• Personal Attention

When your guests need more towels or restaurant reservations, Avaya’s smartphone-based  guest app can speed your responses and improve their experiences.

• Always On Access

When your guests want Internet connectivity to in-room entertainment, Avaya solutions help give them what they want, and keep them coming back for more.

Integrated Communications for Hotel Guest Experience BYOD and Mobility
Improve Hotel Guest Experience with Avaya

Deliver a Connected Experience at Every Stage of the Guest Life Cycle

Whether you provide basic lodging or luxury accommodations, increasing occupancy and revenue and decreasing costs are key elements for your success. Avaya's connectivity and communications solutions will help you provide your guests with an enjoyable, memorable experience from the time they begin to plan their trip until long after they check out, and when they return again and again. You'll see the results in your bottom line.

Avaya Solutions

Give your guests the personalized experience of a lifetime—every time.

Avaya Aura® Platform

If you manage one or more large hotels or midsize properties, the Avaya Aura® communications platform for unified communications supports on-demand collaboration, powerful customer service, and advanced contact center capabilities.

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Avaya IP Office™ Platform

For managing small to midsize properties, Avaya IP Office has extensive communications capabilities that can help you better manage and personalize services that build customer loyalty and drive sales.

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Customer Experience Management Solutions

How your front desk and contact center staff manage guest communications can make the difference between loyal customers and missed opportunities. Avaya offers integrated, multichannel solutions supporting both inbound and outbound customer interactions over media such as voice, IM, email, social, Web chat, and more for both automated and agent-assisted interactions.

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Data Networking Solutions

Choosing Avaya for your hotel’s voice systems is a decision to provide one of the highest-quality, highest-availability voice communications available. Why not extend those capabilities by deploying them on Avaya data networks? Hoteliers around the world are discovering the advantages of Avaya data solutions, including both cost and performance improvements. Avaya can help you reduce capital expenditures, maintenance and upgrade costs, and even energy consumption and your hotel's carbon footprint.

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Avaya can integrate and customize your communications solutions to meet the unique needs of your properties.


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U.S. or Canada: 1-866-GO-AVAYA

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