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Telehealth Solutions from Avaya

Use Communications Technology to Help Care Teams Collaborate, Increase Productivity, and Drive Better Patient Experiences

  • Support care team coordination by mobilizing staff and improving collaboration. Streamline admitting, prescription, and other workflows—helping to enhance safety and quality.
  • Deliver better patient experiences and reach more patients in more places with mobility, telemedicine, and proactive patient outreach.
  • Create better care team utilization through automation and collaboration via telemedicine and virtual healthcare.
  • Improve security and data protection while keeping information accessible with a network that segments guest WiFi access, medical devices, and payment systems.

• Flexible, Mobile Options for Patients

Improve patients' access to personalized care when and where they need it with mobility and global telehealth solutions.

• Enhanced Collaboration for Care Team

Patients with multiple health concerns need a team that can coordinate and collaborate easily. Enable staff to seamlessly communicate wherever they are.

• Crisis Management

Be better prepared to respond to a disaster. Automatically broadcast urgent information via SMS, voice, and email to staff and patients quickly.

Avaya Global Telemedicine Technology
Avaya and the Patient Care Cycle for Healthcare Providers

Connect the Patient Experience at Every Stage of the Patient Care Cycle

Whether you are part of a single clinic or a large hospital system, you can deliver the personalized care your patients deserve—from your first contact through follow-up. The results can go beyond satisfied patients to include better clinical outcomes. In a world where healthcare providers are increasingly focused on outcomes and quality, you can succeed and thrive with Avaya communication and collaboration solutions.

Improve Care Team Coordination

Enable your healthcare professionals to be more accessible and responsive. You can enhance care team coordination and improve the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, and staff utilization by giving your team the ability to seamlessly communicate and collaborate—wherever they are.

Healthcare Professionals Collaboration Tools
Avaya Telehealth Solutions and Data Protection

Improve Security and Data Protection

Improve security and data protection while still keeping information accessible. Provide a flexible network that can segment guest WiFi access from other systems. Compliance with PCI data security standards and HIPAA privacy regulations can be difficult—working with a technology partner that understands the challenges and can provide the right solutions can make compliance easier to accomplish.

Every Patient Interaction Is an Opportunity to Deliver Personalized Care—Anywhere, Anytime

The prescription for a better patient experience: reach more patients, help care teams connect and collaborate, and improve the business of healthcare through flexible contact center, mobile, video, and telemedicine solutions.

Telemedicine and Global Telehealth Solutions

Reach more patients in more places and consult with care teams and specialists across the globe in real time with Avaya's flexible, easy-to-use video conferencing and unified communications solutions.

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Contact Centers

Improve the business of healthcare and meet provider and patient needs with rich multimedia communications. Streamline and automate scheduling, patient follow-ups, and more.

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Mobile Collaboration

Help your care teams coordinate and collaborate when they are on the go, while also increasing patient engagement, with Avaya Mobile Activity Assistant with one-X® Mobile.

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Multimedia Collaboration

Help providers, patients, and caregivers connect quickly and easily with the Avaya Flare® Experience for tablets, and reduce TCO by sharing services across mobile platforms.

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