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Avaya Cloud Options


From hardware to software. From rigidity to flexibility. From CapEx to OpEx. The future is here and it lives in the cloud.

You need easy, consumer-like tools to engage your team, customers and partners. You need flexibility to support steady growth or seasonal spikes. You need to mitigate financial risks associated with growing or transforming. You need an Avaya cloud.

Avaya cloud offerings deliver you all these benefits and more through three distinct delivery models: Private Cloud, Powered Cloud and Branded Cloud.

1. Avaya Private Cloud Services

Avaya Private Cloud Services create simple, dynamic environments that proactively support new devices and real-time applications. Roll out new applications and services faster. Improve application uptime. Gain significant Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment benefits. Deliver a consistent quality experience. Hosted either by you or by Avaya, private cloud services extend many of our industry-leading Contact Center, Unified Communications and Video products to the cloud, making them available as a service, saving you significant time and money.

2. Avaya Powered Cloud Services

Avaya Powered Cloud Services provide the same set of tools and benefits as the private cloud delivery model, but are delivered to you through our extensive network of partners.

3. Avaya Branded Cloud Services

Avaya Branded Cloud Services gives you access to a full-featured communications solution without the big-company capital investment. Break down barriers and simplify engagement with a web-based portal. Increase your flexibility and scalability with a monthly subscription model. Let Avaya worry about the details while you focus on building an empire.

Avaya Cloud Services - Private, Powered, and Branded

Cloud Technology Scores Big in the San Jose Earthquakes’ Avaya Stadium

The Earthquakes have been bringing excitement to soccer fans for 40 years—and now the Quakes and Avaya are delivering true fan and team engagement in the first cloud-based stadium in Major League Soccer. The Avaya Stadium’s engagement solution combines an innovative social media integration application with Avaya Identity Engines, and delivers mobile apps, videoconferencing, and even the Quakes’ phone system via the Cloud.

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