Virtual Services Platform 9000 Series

Take Your Network and Applications to a New Level of Reliability

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Improve the resiliency and stability of your network with this ultra-reliable and high-performance Core Switch platform. Protect your enterprise from network outages when you deploy the Virtual Services Platform 9000, with its hardened architecture and instantaneous recovery. Reliably support your most mission-critical communication environments with a carrier-grade operating system, system-level health checks, and self-healing capabilities, coupled with seamless software patching.

Now you can reduce time to service and enhance your service agility by leveraging Avaya Fabric Connect technology. Never reconfigure your network core again. Make moves, adds, and changes in real time. Use a simple end-point provisioning model to make services changes easier than ever before. Be more efficient and mitigate risk.

1. Evergreen Application Performance

Maximize your investment protection, avoiding costly and disruptive forklift upgrades, when you implement life cycle technology refreshes leveraging the unique field-programmable hardware.

2. Hardened and Resilient for Maximum Availability

Help protect your applications from a range of threat sources and deliver always-on business continuity. Build your resilient network on the solid foundations offered by the Virtual Service Platform 9000’s carrier-grade operating system and control systems with hardware-layer defenses.

3. Revolutionize Service Delivery

Change the way that you manage, administer, and execute service delivery with Fabric Connect. The zero-touch Core enables you to deliver real-time provisioning and genuine service agility.

Virtual Services Platform 9000
Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 Fabric Connect

Always-On Application Access

Keep your applications running, and your business productive with a Fabric Connect network that delivers maximum uptime and availability. Leverage fault-tolerant, fast failover characteristics, so your network assumes higher levels of reliability and resiliency, and your people realize the benefit of always-on application access.

Maximize your application uptime with the Virtual Services Platform 9000’s flexible, high-availability deployment options of Fabric Connect and Switch Cluster, which enable you to build highly resilient solutions to fit your specific requirements.

Reduce Operating Costs

Eliminate cumbersome manual tasks and reduce your IT operating expenses with Fabric Connect network virtualization. Dramatically reduce your operational costs—with 25 times less provisioning burden—when deploying new services. Execute your change requests in real-time, at the network edge only, rather than delaying until downtime can be scheduled. Deploy a single-technology network that removes the provisioning of complex protocol overlays, significantly simplifying management and troubleshooting.

Avaya Fabric Connect Network Virtualization
Avaya Fabric Connect

Deliver Your Next-Generation Network Today

Support the applications and devices your users need. Deploy a resilient, versatile private-cloud infrastructure and easily adapt to the evolving needs of your business. Scale your network to match business needs, confident that Fabric Connect has the required flexibility, supporting more than 16 million unique services, and dynamically integrating node and link changes without needing redesign. Position your business to seamlessly integrate fit-for-purpose software-defined networking solutions by implementing a strategic, SDN-friendly network virtualization technology.

See how Franciscan Alliance uses Fabric Connect to Bring Bandwidth and Resiliency to Applications

Franciscan Alliance operates 13 hospitals and more than 170 medical practices across Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. The medical provider uses Avaya Fabric Connect to enable its growing application roadmap and to help engage 34,000 users with business-critical applications like electronic medical records, imaging, and labs. The future is wide open for imagining and delivering the best in healthcare.

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Keep your network always on and running optimally. Be confident your data communications work efficiently and reliably.


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