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Reliable Communications for VDI—Virtual Desktop Infrastructure—Environments

  • Enable unified communications in your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment—eliminating desk phones and giving users advanced communication capabilities.
  • Use VDI Communicator—software deployed on a thin client device—to provide connectivity to the network and enable the Avaya unified communications interface, Avaya Communicator, and Avaya Communicator for Microsoft® Lync.
  • Eliminate common quality issues that stem from driving excessive traffic to the data center. The VDI Communicator design separates media (voice and video) traffic from signaling traffic, so media traffic no longer flows through data center servers. It also extends high QoS all the way to the end user.

• UC with a Software-Only Solution

Remove the requirement for a telephone at all workstations. Sign in using One-X Communicator and have the local VDI-Communicator log in automatically. Avaya’s built-in survivability functionality means users can make and manage calls even when connectivity to the data center is lost.

• Open Architecture

The Avaya VDI solution is based on an open, flexible architecture that works in many environments. We support multiple vendors’ protocols and devices, including Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, HP, and Dell-Wyse.

• Simplified Deployment

Virtual desktop communications let enterprises deploy applications with greater efficiency, flexibility, and security using their existing tools.

Reduce Data Center Load

Route media traffic around the data center, reducing load and investment requirements while ensuring high-quality voice.

Always On Communications

In the event of a data center outage, Avaya VDI Communicator lets users continue to make and receive calls, ensuring critical communications can be achieved and uninterrupted.

End-to-End Virtualized Avaya Environment

Get complete virtualized Avaya core applications and desktop interfaces for a complete end-to end-communications solution.


Better manage operations for Unified Communications environments, including network infrastructure and communications applications.


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