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Now it's easier than ever to analyze recorded content from customer calls and meetings to monitor quality assurance, and manage and mitigate risk. Use the data to identify and address any problematic areas, and make the changes needed to deliver a premiere customer experience.

With advanced phonetic speech tools you can quickly identify key words and phrases in audio recordings. Search and tag keywords and phrases you’ve identified, compiling the information you need to make informed decisions and take action.

Analyze recordings of your contact center calls, conference calls, client meetings, employee sessions—essentially any recorded content. Assure that agents are adhering to any required scripts, and check your company's compliance with industry regulations or corporate security requirements. For example, insurers may need to tell buyers they have up to 14 days to cancel a purchase, financial analysts may need to notify clients about transaction processing times, and medical entities must comply with HIPAA requirements or other regulatory mandates.

1. Optimize Internal Processes

Monitor customer calls to be sure contact center agents are following your scripts and practices, and conveying required information. Spot outages and address them immediately.

2. Help Ensure Compliance to Regulations and Policies

Use phonetic speech search technology to monitor up to 100% of your calls, locate phrases, and identify infringements.

3. Identify New Market Opportunities

Compiling the voice of your customer helps you identify and analyze inquiries and trends. If you know customers are asking, "Can this product do X?" you may see a development opportunity.

Avaya Speech Analytics Software

Stay in Compliance with Regulations

Monitor calls and assess compliancy to regulatory guidelines which leads to reduction in regulatory investigations and avoidance of punitive costs due to non-compliance.

Avaya Speech Anlaytics Compliance
Avaya Speech Anlaytics Compliance
Avaya Speech Anlaytics Compliance
Listening to Customers with Avaya Speech Analytics

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Analyzing what your customers are saying helps you understand the perception of your brand in the marketplace. Listening to customers helps you quickly discover ways to innovate and differentiate your products and offerings. You could speed up concept-to-market offerings, resulting in increased revenue sooner.

Work More Efficiently

Track customer issues, understand difficulties during interactions, and highlight where agent behaviors extend call durations unnecessarily or when sub-optimal business processes are contributing to extra costs. Identify training actions for agents and fix broken processes. All of this can lead to lower costs in sales operations and increased opportunities for upselling and cross selling.

Work Efficiently with Avaya Speech Analytics
Optimize Customer Campaigns with Avaya

Optimize Customer Campaigns

Control sales costs and ROI when you have better data on customer call drivers, and customer reactions to campaigns and focused marketing efforts. Use Speech Analytics to analyze your customers’ awareness of campaigns and assess influence or impact on their buying decisions. Gain insight into campaign effectiveness, and reveal opportunities to optimize campaign investments.

Protect Your Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Track and measure customer levels of satisfaction against a target level, revealing if negative feedback spikes. Identifying causes and determining a resolution strategy results in a higher ability to recover revenue, reduce customer attrition, and increase customer advocacy.

Track and Measure Customer Satisfaction



High performance contact centers need quick speed of answer and unwavering availability and reliability. Avaya has specialized knowledge to manage complex contact center technologies.


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