Customer Connections

Video, Social Media and Mobile Customer Service Applications for the Contact Center

Give Your Customers a First-Class Interactive Experience

  • Deliver the right customer experiences consistently through your contact center, whether your customers are using web, video, social media or mobile devices.
  • Help ensure a consistent and continuous experience is delivered to your customers. Use Avaya Automated Chat—a unique combination of an Automated Assistant and Live Agent Chat with seamless escalation from Automation to Live Agent.
  • Enable robust video conferencing and collaboration between your customers and agents or in-house experts with Avaya One Touch Video.
  • Automatically monitor, track, and classify topics, comments, and trends on social media networks. Use Avaya Social Media Manager to deliver only the actionable items to your teams.
  • Adapt your organization’s customer service options into a mobile applicationuse Avaya Customer Connections Mobile to deliver it to your contact center agents.
Avaya Customer Connections

• Support Web, Video, Social Media, and Mobile Customer Service

Give your customers the chance to interact with your business in more dynamic, consumer-friendly ways.

• Turn Agents into Quick-Thinking Problem Solvers

The automatic delivery of contextual data about your customers from multiple sources eliminates the need for customers to repeat information and gives agents a more informed view of requests.

• Enrich Contact Between Customers and Agents

Reduce missed opportunities and improve customer and brand loyalty with meaningful collaboration and conversations that strengthen existing relationships.

16 Consecutive Years
Avaya in the Leaders Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure for the 16th Consecutive Year

Avaya in Leaders Quadrant of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure

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Delivering Tomorrow’s Customer Experience Today Video5:10

Delight the Growing Self-Service Consumer Population with Low-Effort Apps

Fully integrated into your contact center, deliver contextual information to an agent so a customer can easily transition from one channel (self service, web) to another channel (voice). Your agent can quickly come up to speed and help the customer without revisiting information that the customer already provided.

Social Media Analytics Video - English4:19

Automate and Capture Social Media Opportunities in Your Contact Center

Automatically process social media interactions and deliver relevant actionable communications to the appropriate resource for response. Understanding social media activity improves customer service, increases revenue, and boosts customer loyalty.

Communicating with Customers on the go

Be as Mobile as Your Customers

Deliver a seamless, persistent customer experience with mobile support capabilities that are fully integrated into your contact center. Let mobile customers interact with you from the devices they love by using dynamic menus to check for order status, technical support, or any self-service app. If your customer needs more information or wants to talk with a live agent or expert, the mobile app offers that too. Customers hear estimated wait times and the option to receive a return call at any convenient time. Full context is always provided to the agent, so the agent is always prepared to assist customers.


Avaya Video Collaboration

See the Value of Rich Video Collaboration

Create powerful customer interactions using video, application sharing, and chat. Client friendly browser-based links on your web page or in emails let your customers select and click. It’s that simple.

Chat Automation Virtual Assistant Video2:10

Deliver a Better Online Experience to Your Customers with Chat

Leverage the power of a natural language processing automation system. With Avaya Automated Chat, a high-value answer base delivers accurate responses faster. You decide when automation or Live Agents are used. Escalation occurs based on business rules, when frustration is sensed, or a buying signal has been made. Full context is always delivered to agents. Automation reduces conversation length while helping make the agent more efficient, which can result in higher customer satisfaction scores. Through suggestions, cue cards, and shortcuts, lead the agent to the right answer, providing the same knowledge to all agents. Total cost of ownership and operational costs can go down with less need for tier one agents. This allows Live Agents to do what they do best—solve the tougher problems.

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