Configuration and Orchestration Manager

Streamlined Configuration, Provisioning, and Troubleshooting for Devices and Technologies

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Slash Your Network Device Management Time

  • Consolidate the set-up and provisioning of all your Avaya networking devices and protocols using a single integrated network management tool. Our easy-to-use GUI centralizes and streamlines device management.
  • Reduce network set-up time by as much as 70% with built-in wizards. This can free up valuable resources for other work.
  • Enable your team to configure network devices quickly and conveniently, regardless of where they are located. Designed for multiple users, the Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager helps safeguard the network by limiting access to just a select group of devices or tools.

• Centralized Network Management and Device Provisioning

An intuitive, feature-rich, web-based interface streamlines device set up and enables visibility throughout the network.

• Support for Multiple Users

Concurrent access allows for anywhere, anytime provisioning of devices and the network. Built-in controls ensure that only authorized personnel can access management functions and selected devices.

• Easy Set Up

Wizards and templates can reduce configuration set-up time by as much as 70%, while decreasing errors.

Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager
Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager Software

Reduce Configuration Complexity

Configure, provision, and troubleshoot thousands of network devices. Users can access the centralized platform to ease network device management. Audit logs track all the details of who’s made device changes and when.

Quick Device Identification and Set Up

Scan your network and find the specific device or service you want to provision. One-click tools let you view and easily modify the device configuration.

One Click Tools for Device Configuration
Configuration and Orchestration Manager

Avoid Misconfigurations and Downtime

Accelerate installation and reduce errors that could bring the network down. Wizards provide a guided workflow and create configuration templates that can be saved and used multiple times.

Quickly Configure the Network to Support New Services

Integrated sub-manager tools let network administrators modify VLANs, configure routing patterns, upload network software updates, and more.

Network Software Configuration
Single Server Centralization

Centralize Operations from a Single Server

Plug-in applications, such as the Off-box Enterprise Device Manager, can leverage the server’s CPU and memory to accelerate configuration and monitoring in large-scale deployments.


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