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Enable Cloud-Based Communications from a Single Rack of Equipment

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Quickly deploy unified communications and contact center solutions in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Designed for turnkey deployment in the data center, our Collaboration Pods combine applications, servers, storage, networking, and management components in easy-to-deploy and ready-to-operate packages.

Avaya takes industry-leading technologies from VMware, EMC, and Avaya and integrates them into single solution. Collaboration Pods simplify ongoing operations and increase IT efficiency with common orchestration that enables all solution components, and lets you manage them through a single interface and single call support.

1. Rapid, Risk-Free Deployment

Get dial tone within hours with a fully integrated, ready-to-operate collaboration solution.

2. Easy Management and Support

Manage compute, storage, and networking resources through a single interface. Streamline vendor interactions with one call to support.

3. Always Available Enterprise Communications

Improve applications availability by leveraging VMware business continuity tools.

Deployment of Avaya Collaboration Pods
One Stop Collaboration Avaya Collaboration Pods

One-Stop Collaboration

Deploy a turnkey collaboration solution that combines applications, servers, storage, network and management in as little time as it takes to power up a rack of equipment.

Exceptional Application Performance for High-Quality User Experiences

Real-time applications, including voice and video, perform reliably and consistently when delivered via Collaboration Pods. You can add the Avaya Aura® Messaging server to support rich collaboration services.

Real Time Applications Avaya Collaboration Pods
Avaya Collaboration Pods

Reliable, Dependable Business Services

Collaboration applications stay up and available with the support of Avaya survivable core features and VMware business continuity tools. Plus, end-to-end reliability is built into every Avaya Collaboration Pod—helping ensure that applications remain available 24x7.

Speedy Application Deployments

Turn up new applications fast by eliminating long planning cycles, deployment, cabling, testing, and optimization phases. With Collaboration Pods, there’s no need to pre-integrate, configure, and test the compute, storage, and networking components.

Application Deployments
Avaya Collaboration Pods Single Interface

Minimize Management Complexities

Collaboration Pods combine different elements under a single orchestration layer so that management of all components is easily managed through a single interface.

Make the Most of Data Center Resources

Avaya’s top-of-rack switch lets Collaboration Pods interconnect, enabling seamless scaling and more efficient use of compute and storage resources.

Top-of-Rack Switch and Collaboration Pods

Support Advantage

Single call support provided for all the diverse components in the Collaboration Pod.


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