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Bring all your communication modes together in a single client, giving you a common interface across platforms, including Android, Windows, and iPad. Connecting with others for conversations, meetings, and projects gets easier when you’re using just one integrated communications center. The Avaya Communicator client’s clean, graphical interface is easy to use, and tailors to your business tasks and individual profile—including your device and location. Use an IM-like client design to interact with your colleagues, partners and customers. Buddy and contact lists let you see who is available and the communication choices you have. Move seamlessly between IM/presence, voice, video, conferencing, and web collaboration.

The main interface includes:

  • Quick-view dashboard of user names, availability status, and message indicators
  • Contact list showing presence status and available communication alternatives
  • Call functions, including call controls, conference call roster, and participant count
  • Media controls to move between communication modes

Avaya Communicator extends the SIP features and services from your corporate Avaya Aura® Platform to desktop, mobile, and virtual users.

1. One Experience

An easy-to-use graphical design takes the guesswork out of using and coordinating your communications. Intuitive and seamless transitions between workflows propel you from one task to another. Services are personalized to your business needs and individual profile. Your user experience is consistent and optimized across devices.

2. One Location

Close all the standalone applications windows on your screen, and open just your Avaya Communicator. All the modes of collaboration you need are together in one environment. A full unified communications suite integrates with multimedia messaging, audio and web conferencing, video rooms, desktop applications, and browsers.

3. One Identity

Use single sign on to identify yourself across voice, video, IM, presence, mobile, and conferencing. Intuitive icons and feature controls let you move quickly between your different modes of communications and work tasks, with consistent access to features and services. If needed, maintain separate personal and enterprise identities.

Avaya Communicator
Enterprise Communications Solutions

Gain More Effective Customer Interactions and Business Outcomes

Collaboration modes like IM/presence, multi-party audio, multi-stream video with grid layout, web conferencing, and interactive desktop sharing are at your fingertips in one intuitive collaboration environment. Simply drag and drop, or point and click to start ad-hoc collaboration with contacts.

Integrate Your Communications Solutions for Lower TCO and Higher ROI

Get more out of your communications investments by using Avaya Communicator to leverage your SIP-based Avaya Aura ® Platform architecture. Take advantage of Avaya Aura® Conferencing for on-premise, scalable, multi-party audio, and video and web conferencing. Join an Avaya Scopia® Video Conference with integrated roster, active speaker, and data sharing views. Desktop integration for Microsoft® Office, browsers, and Internet Explorer gives users click to call, click to join, and host conference capabilities.

SIP Based Avaya Aura Platform with Avaya
Avaya VoIP Client as a Mobile Strategy

Minimize Mobile Charges using Wi-Fi or Mobile Networks

Using VoIP as a mobile strategy is important for managing data plan consumption, especially as video and file sharing usage grows. Reduce your mobile charges by routing international and outgoing mobile calls through your corporate network. Call over Wi-Fi when available and then hand your calls over to cellular when Wi-Fi is out of range.

Find Both Performance and Quality

Highest-grade audio scales globally. Help ensure you have the quality of real-time collaboration that’s needed when working from your head office, client locations, the airport—or when telecommuting.

Real Time Collaboration Avaya Communicator


Choose from a broad range of standard and custom services to help you plan, design, configure, and deploy your solutions as well as train users on new capabilities. Technical support and monitoring can keep you running at peak performance.


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U.S. or Canada: 1-866-GO-AVAYA

All Other Locations: 1-908-953-6000