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Too much email…so many conversations…a lot to do…and numerous communication devices. And the choices for communicating keep growing. In both our personal and professional interactions, we all have the same goal: we want technologies that are simple to use and that work easily with each other.

Avaya believes you should have the means to always be productive, regardless of the device you’re using, or your work location. Improved productivity is partially born from efficient collaboration. This includes simplifying and accelerating idea sharing and decision-making, and providing the proper context for discussions. Read on about our solutions designed with the ultimate user experience in mind..

In this interview with Venky Krishnaswamy, Ph.D and Senior Director IP communications research, Avaya Labs, find out how Avaya Awareness supercharges and reinvents the enterprise collaboration experience.

Avaya Awareness supercharges collaboration by observing, learning, and predicting relevancy of your interactions and content. Learn more in this Perspective from Brett Shockley, SVP and GM of Avaya Applications and Emerging Technologies.

Enhance the customer experience you deliver when you make it easy for mobile consumers to connect with your organization.

Consumers are performing more tasks on their mobile devices that they have typically performed on their desktops and laptops. Learn how Avaya Customer Connections gives your customers more options for interacting with your organization.

The rising number of mobile consumers and the variety of applications available is expanding options for how businesses service customers. Learn how mobile device innovations are reshaping the customer experience and why creating a mobile strategy is becoming critical.

Businesses that are able to keep up with mobile customers and improve their experience using mobile devices can gain a significant advantage. Explore the architecture Avaya uses to help clients increase customer satisfaction using visual self-service and contextual information.

Learn from Joann Ordille, senior research scientist, Avaya Labs Research, how web based contact center communications and click-to-video email enhances customer service and collaboration.

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Avaya One Touch Video

Get better communication for Internet and mobile users with personal voice, video and collaboration sessions.

How do you make the best use of advanced technologies in today's fast-paced environment with limited resources? See how adding context to communications can help enable employees more easily manage the stream of voice mail, email, instant message and calendar communications.

The rapid adoption of Apple products drives the need for underlying communications capabilities to help users better manage ever-changing workplace requirements. Discover full-featured telephony solutions for the Apple desktop.

Now Apple users can tap into the power of their mobile devices to obtain the same efficiency as their colleagues using any other device.

Social media sites enjoy the benefit of being able to share information on the web through content tagging. Examine the possibilities of enterprises having those same capabilities for audio conversations so they can be stored, accessed, and retrieved.