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New and advanced communications technologies, like social media, are changing the landscape of how we do business, including how we work together and how we interact with and serve customers. How we typically communicate and handle business—from sales and marketing to addressing customer issues—may no longer be the most popular or even the most effective approach.

Organizations must now consider how social media expands their total reach. Your audience has likely become greater than you imagined due to the way viral communications can quickly touch any demographic.  Here you will find social media concepts and strategies that help maximize opportunities, increase customer loyalty, and grow revenue as communications methods evolve.

There's a ton of buzz around integrating social media into the contact center. But how does a business get started with this type of social media strategy? Get key questions answered on how to ingrate social media into the contact center.

Words spread quickly online, sometimes faster than any company can keep up with. Yet if you are not actively listening to social media feeds for mentions of your brand, products, or services, how will you know what people are thinking, saying or doing?