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Delivering a Better Customer Experience

Pan Pacific Hotels uses IP telephony to route calls to the right agents, integrate applications, and network staff.

From the first contact with potential guests to the time guests check-in and later depart, there are countless opportunities to win guests' loyalty and wallet share. Whether there's one property or multiple properties, Avaya solutions can help elevate that experience to a new level, making each stay more memorable for guests and more profitable for the business. The business also benefits from a more productive staff and more efficient operations while reinforcing its profile as a green business.
Attract and retain guests with a superior personalized service experience 
In a highly competitive industry, hotels need the ability to attract new guests. It's also important to provide consistent yet differentiated treatment for VIPs and loyal guests to ensure loyalty and return visits. Whether you have one person handling these contacts or a team of operators, Avaya MultiMedia Contact Center solutions provides reliable, scalable applications for managing inbound and outbound hotel communications.
Differentiate your property, improve RevPAR and take rate for on-property amenities
Access to ubiquitous multimedia communications throughout the property offers added guest convenience. Moving paper collateral such as maps and hotel information to an online, searchable, touch screen format helps highlight and support the "greening" of your property. This also helps significantly reduce paper costs and waste.

Staff productivity  and operational efficiency solutions
Communication needs change during the multiple phases of hotel developments. These changes range from the highly collaborative communication with headquarters during the project planning phase through the day-to-day communication needs of guests and staff during the hotel operational phase. Our people-centric unified communications solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling effective and efficient real time communications and collaboration.

Video and Conferencing Solutions 
Staff Mobility Solution  
Avaya Hospitality Messaging Server Fact Sheet (Automatic wakeup call, minibar inventory, and room status solution)
Safety and security solutions
In the event of treat (bomb, tsunami/typhoon) or post event, hotels must be able to reach and notify guests, staff, and authorities immediately and in an efficient manner, while at the same time providing the ability to collaborate on potential solutions.

Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization Brochure (Security Recording Solutions)  
Avaya Notification Solution (Responding and managing unexpected events, threats, and emergency)