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Florida Hospital Integrates Avaya ACE™

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Avaya Healthcare Solutions help hospitals to:
  • Reduce medical errors, wait times and improve the patient experience
  • Improve accessibility of specialists and caregivers
  • Increase physician and nurse mobility
  • Collaborate and diagnose patients faster
  • Improve the quality and transition of care
  • Decrease preventable readmissions
Healthcare providers are increasingly spending a large portion of their budget on chronic disease care. Avaya disease prevention and wellness management solutions automate routine processes such as outreach, education, collection of vital statistics that can improve patient experience, and provide better disease management.
Avaya video collaboration solutions are ideal for effective medical training programs and for community outreach such as extending community-based health courses to homebound community members or creating high-quality room systems to extend training to remote learners.
Wellness Education (AvayaLive™ Engage)

Healthcare providers experience up to 24% missed appointments. Avaya pre-admission solutions improve clinical productivity and extend patient interaction beyond the hospital, these automated solutions include:
Hospital Environment Orientation (AvayaLive™ Engage)
Healthcare professionals are very mobile and need to collaborate across care teams to provide the best care.  Designed to give healthcare professionals access to the most current patient information as well as improve responsiveness to patients, Avaya solutions can improve the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, and staff productivity.
Healthcare organizations are embracing video to create innovative new models of care and to address vexing problems like making specialists, translators, and other patient support staff available when and where they are most needed. As demands on providers grow, the need to achieve greater efficiencies in service delivery, training, and collaboration also accelerates.
Post-Discharge Follow-up/Home Care
Healthcare providers can reduce costs and provide a better patient experience by managing patient care at home. Avaya solutions enable healthcare providers to discharge patients sooner and patients to manage their post-treatment recovery at home. These solutions also allow patients and nurses to connect back into an acute care facility and coordinate care through voice and video. 
For example, Avaya Flare® Experience helps extend collaboration beyond hospital walls. This solution gives nurses the ability to access and communicate with physicians and specialists, enhancing the delivery of care while offsite at a patient’s home or office.
Our Radvision Scopia® video solutions enable remote video consultations with patients at home to monitor and educate, and to help avert problems that can lead to readmissions.
Healthcare Business – Administration, Operation & Marketing
Using Avaya Agile Communication Environment™, hospitals improve their regulatory compliance process methodology and reduce nurse time spent on associated administrative tasks, which increases nurses' availability to patients. Healthcare Notification enables a healthcare organization to automatically transmit urgent information and instructions regarding upcoming appointments to staff and patients in real time. 
Social Media Manager enables healthcare facilities to leverage social media mentions to enhance profits and/or manage public relations.
Avaya real-time collaborations solutions support rapid, collaborative, secure communication within healthcare organizations. Rapidly reach and mobilize the right people regardless of their locations or the devices they’re using. Speed up implementation of new business processes. Strengthen the connection between the executive team and employees.