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Next Generation Connected Campus

Improving productivity, enabling exceptional customer service and enhancing campus safety.

Maximize Collaborative Learning

Gain a strategic perspective on why unifying communications with cloud-based apps enhances campus collaboration.

Avaya solutions for Education have been trusted and deployed in campuses worldwide. Avaya has helped institutions create a more mobile and connected campus while expanding distance learning opportunities, enhancing faculty and staff productivity, enabling exceptional customer service and ensuring personal safety and campus security.
Online and Distance Learning
Avaya online and distance learning solutions increase course availability, maximize teaching faculty, foster greater collaborative learning and create new revenue opportunities. 

Avaya Video-enabled Learning Solution breaks new ground for digital teaching in both cost effectiveness and performance.  Institutions can seamlessly integrate an immersive high definition video learning experience with their campus unified communications to target both academic and administrative functions. The solution supports high definition video endpoints at significantly lower cost and lower bandwidth requirements than competing solutions. These capabilities are built on Avaya Aura™ to allow education institutions to leverage the same directory and dialing plans for video calling as for voice and unified communications. 
AvayaLive™ Engage is a purpose built immersive 3D collaborative learning environment for education. It has been designed with the student demographic and education needs in mind, creating a learning environment that is more engaging for students. AvayaLive™ Engage is used to provide a platform for teachers and faculty to conduct “virtual” classrooms and for students to collaborate virtually, without the need for study spaces or classrooms.
Enhancing faculty and staff collaboration and productivity
Differentiate your school and institution by enabling teachers, faculty and staff to be more responsive and available by providing them seamless communications from any device, any time and any place of their choosing. That means they can move about on the campus, across campuses, and in other locations without getting out of reach or behind on messages. Staff and students benefit from improved responsiveness, enhanced ability to collaborate, and improved productivity.  
Enabling mobile learning
Teachers and faculty are leveraging digital and multimedia content at unprecedented levels. It is transforming how students learn and engage in projects while fostering a more individualized and collaborative learning experience. Textbooks will soon give way to students using their mobile computing devices to access the most up-to-date educational content and curriculum, fueling expansion of one to one and bring-your-own device (BYOD) initiatives. The Avaya mobile learning solution prepares institutions for this future today.
Enhancing Campus Safety
Creating a safe and secure learning environment is a critical imperative for campuses. Avaya communications enabled campus safety solutions help improve the speed and accuracy of emergency responses, enhance situational awareness and support the timely delivery of emergency alerts.
Enabling “Always-On” Learning
Networks designed for best-efforts traffic, such as email and Internet, are no longer adequate for education. With rich multimedia content, high-stakes online assessments, video, BYOD, cloud computing, and the need for continuous access to course and learning management systems, education technology leaders now require reliable networks with much lower latency and guaranteed delivery to underpin “Always-On” learning. Through the adoption of the Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture, schools and institutions gain a standards-based private or hybrid cloud infrastructure that extends campus-wide from the data center all the way to the desktop, creating a modern learning environment that is “Always-On” and simpler to operate.
Streamline Customer and Student Services
Exceptional customer and student service means being responsive and providing quality resolution to inquiries. Avaya Contact Center solutions enable staff to better serve prospective and current students, faculty, parents and alumni.  Quick and accurate routing of calls to the appropriate department or individual, avoids unnecessary wait times and call misdirection. Callers can be offered 24 x 7 intelligent routing options for multimedia contacts including voice, instant messaging, web chat, SMS text, e-mail, voice mail, fax, scanned documents and social media.

Avaya Proactive Outreach allows institutions to reach out to students, parents or customers with timely, personalized, actionable information—delivering improved service while reducing the volume of incoming calls. This automated customer contact solution uses the institution’s own business systems to trigger automated outbound phone calls, emails, and other messages. Institutions can reduce costs, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies.