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Communications Foundation for 21st Century Schools

Modernizing district-wide communications & services.

Next Generation Connected Campus

Improving productivity, enabling exceptional customer service and enhancing campus safety.

Maximize Collaborative Learning

Gain a strategic perspective on why unifying communications with cloud-based apps enhances campus collaboration.

Online and distance learning
As an element of the Avaya Collaboration solution, the solution elements from VBrick manages video and digital media with tools to create, store and stream content, whether it is live or pre-recorded materials. Applications include TV distribution to classrooms, centralized video content storage and management, enable distance learning, campus wide digital signage and video surveillance and monitoring.
Enhancing faculty and staff collaboration and productivity
Esna Technologies Inc. - Office-LinX™ Cloudlink™ Edition
Esnatech provides real-time connectivity and access to people, resources, and cloud-based solutions such as Google™ apps, as well as your existing back office infrastructure. The Esnatech SIP-based Unified Communications applications are compliant with Avaya UC Solutions.
Phybridge Inc. - UniPhyer
Phybridge provides education institutions a choice when deploying VoIP to utilize their existing telephony wiring instead of upgrading their LAN.
Enabling mobile learning
MobileIron - Virtual Smartphone Platform
The Avaya mobile learning solution for education gains increased security through its relationship with MobileIron, an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner. MobileIron helps educational institutions manage and control mobile devices.
Enhance Campus Safety
Conveyant Systems Inc. - Sentry E9-11
Sentry E911 (E9-1-1) Solutions are an effective suite of applications to assist institutions in protecting themselves and their customers in an emergency. Sentry Emergency Location Management assists educational institutions in locating IP clients in their data networking environment and updating the location values in the call server, thereby insuring that anyone who dials 911 will be directed to the right place. By providing on-site notification to key personnel, via screen pop or e-mail, first responders may quickly be directed to the emergency.
911 ETC - CrisisConnect
CrisisConnect® from 911 ETC assists in the task of interfacing your PBX/VoIP Network with your local PSAP (Public Safety Answer Point) to provide location information necessary for all Enhanced 911 calls.  CrisisConnect® is for organizations needing to provide more detailed location information in the event of an outgoing 911 call placed by one of its employees, students, or guests. 
ObjectTel - CLASSONE®
CLASSONE® seamlessly integrates two way radio communications with the Avaya CM, MX and AES platforms. CLASSONE® is currently deployed as a mission critical dispatch and interoperability application in transportation and public safety organizations.
Mutare - Enterprise Notification System
Mutare's Emergency/Event Notification (EEN) solution automates the rapid, mass delivery of announcements to targeted groups via simultaneous phone, text, and email broadcasts.
Streamline Customer Student Services
Accuvoice - Custom Apps for Schools
The Accuvoice K-12 software and Higher Education applications combine technologies to bring Multimedia Messaging and Response to the school or school district.