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Communications Foundation for 21st Century Schools

Modernizing district-wide communications & services.

Next Generation Connected Campus

Improving productivity, enabling exceptional customer service and enhancing campus safety.

Maximize Collaborative Learning

Gain a strategic perspective on why unifying communications with cloud-based apps enhances campus collaboration.

Focused on enabling educational institutions to improve student achievement and outcomes, Avaya solutions for Education help transform and improve the campus experience. Avaya helps schools and institutions realize the next-generation campusone that is more mobile and digitally connected than today's standard. This means helping schools expand online and distance-learning opportunities and enhance the productivity of teachers, faculty and staff. They also enable exceptional customer service to address the growing demands from students, faculty, and parents and they provide capabilities to enhance campus safety.

As a trusted partner to over 5,000 educational institutions globally, Avaya supports educational clients in seamlessly converging and consolidating voice, data and video networks to facilitate a more mobile and connected campus. The advanced features of such networks combined with Avaya next-generation collaboration solutions underpin these clients' academic and administrative activities to drive student achievement.
Avaya solutions for education:
  • Expand online and distance learning opportunities
  • Enhance faculty and staff collaboration and productivity
  • Enable mobile learning
  • Enhance campus safety
  • Enable “Always-On” learning
  • Streamline customer and student services