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Avaya answers today's business communications challenges with innovative technology solutions. Explore them in Customer Stories, Industry Recognition and Avaya Perspectives.

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Over 85% of all Fortune 1000 companies trust Avaya Solutions every day.

95% of all Fortune 500 companies trust Avaya Solutions every day.

96% of all Fortune 100 companies trust Avaya Solutions every day.

More than 5,000 educational institutions worldwide trust Avaya for their communications systems.

Avaya helps connect 75% of the Ivy League Schools.

Seven out the top 10 hospitals in America trust Avaya communications to enhance operations and improve patient care.

Over 15,900 retail sites around the globe trust Avaya to conduct business every day.

The top three luxury hotel brands across the U.S trust Avaya solutions

The world’s top 20 airlines trust Avaya, including Continental Airlines and Air China.

Avaya Conferencing Solutions helped Continental Airlines achieve a 50% ROI in only 2 months (Avaya Meeting Exchange)

Every manufacturing company in the Fortune 100 use Avaya solutions

Avaya has up to 50% less Total Cost of Ownership than Cisco (i.e. leading competitor)

Avaya Data Networks are up to 40% more energy-efficient than any other network

More than 30 million small business users around the world communicate through Avaya solutions

The World’s Top 10 Hotel Groups trust Avaya solutions every business day

Avaya Small/Medium Enterprise solutions is ranked #1 in global market share, with 21% of all lines shipped.

At the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, Avaya powered the largest voice, video and data network in sports history.