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The first step

Find a job that fits your background, your experience, and your goals. At Avaya, inspiring, challenging, and rewarding opportunities are available across a multitude of disciplines.


Turn your ideas into realities. Upload your resume and fill out an application either for a specific role, or simply for a department you're interested in. At Avaya, the possibilities are endless.

Interviewing at Avaya

Our on-site interview process typically involves you meeting with several members of management as well as potential colleagues. If your role is highly technical, we’ll evaluate your core engineering skills. In addition to management interviews, you’ll likely have an on-site interview with our engineers to better understand your skills and to discuss the exciting projects you may be working on.

What happens next

It can take several weeks for us to make a decision. But don’t worry—as soon as we do, your recruiter will be in touch. If you’re ready to be a Futuremaker, we’ll extend a formal offer. Otherwise, we’ll keep your resume on file for six months.


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