Many existing enterprise networks are struggling to meet the increasing demands of next-generation devices and mobility. Private cloud infrastructures like Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA) can dramatically simplify the design, deployment and management of networks to deliver on those demands.

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Simplify the DATA CENTER without losing scalability

The DATA CENTER functions as the heart of any network. Yesterday's complex provisioning models and error-prone configuration are giving way to a stackable architecture that dramatically reduces multi-rack and multi-server latency.

Streamline provisioning with an INTELLIGENT EDGE

Most devices gain access to the network at the edge, which requires more IT time and resources to set up. An INTELLIGENT EDGE makes it easy to add new devices.

Offer secure MOBILE COLLABORATION that works anytime, anywhere

Incorporating all the devices that comprise the modern enterprise used to mean a drain on IT resources and a huge security risk, but today's MOBILE COLLABORATION enables real-time flexible solutions that let applications and mobile devices work together, better.


of organizations are fully aware of the devices accessing their network. Lack of device visibility means mobile security fails to meet corporate IT security requirements.

With VENA, Avaya is one of only two vendors
to offer an end-to-end BYOD solution with
automated, secure VPN-less access and

true mobile security

Avaya believes the network must be designed to support the applications and the devices that
access them. A unified solution like VENA helps dramatically simplify the design, deployment, and management of networks, enabling true collaboration across any device, any time, anywhere.

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