Supplier Information

Suppliers are an important part of Avaya's success. This page contains information that will assist you in partnering with Avaya.

Supplier Diversity

Our Supplier Diversity Program is a visible commitment to incorporate the products and services of qualified suppliers, including minority, women, service disabled veteran and small business enterprises, into the delivery of goods and services to our customers. Supplier diversity indicates our commitment to diversity, global economic growth and a willingness to support diverse businesses.

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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (For POs received after 02/22/12)

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Contract Attachments

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Supplier Code of Conduct - For contracts signed after 09/01/2013

Avaya Vendor Privacy Standards

Security Guidelines for Consultants

Banned Substances List for Direct Suppliers

Travel Policy for Non-Employees - For contracts signed after 01/01/2013

VPAT for Direct Suppliers

Income Tax Withholding Requirements

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EMEA Supporting Definitions for Frame Agreement

Supplier End of Accumulation Period (EOAP) Payment Terms

Avaya pays suppliers on an End of Accumulation Period (EOAP) concept. EOAP involves the capture of invoices with invoice dates within a thirty day accumulation period. Payment is released in the first payment run following the end of the payment term that commences after completion of the accumulation period.

Additional information about EOAP pay terms can be found below.

EOAP Model


Avaya Accounts Payable Payment Schedule