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Give your business an advantage with secure, reliable, and cost-effective mobility solutions. Large and midsize organisations can benefit from a range of mobility solutions that let their employees connect and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and clients.

Integrated solutions for your on-the-go workforces let business applications and mobile devices—employee-owned or business-owned—work together. Service, purchase, and deployment options drive user adoption, blend with current infrastructure, and allow you to meet CapEx and OpEx goals.

1. Intuitive Mobile Collaboration

Speed your business processes and operations with streamlined collaboration across video, audio, and web communications.

2. One-Click Access to Experts

Mobile collaboration makes workers, experts, and information available from almost anywhere—so customers and employees can get what they need faster.

3. Secure Communications

Embrace mobile communications with confidence. Give your employees, consultants, and clients secure access to the enterprise.

Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Solutions
Custom Mobile Business Solutions

Jump Start Your Project with Professional Services

Avaya offers a range of standard and custom services to help you plan, design, configure, and deploy your solutions, as well as train users on new capabilities. Avaya technical support and monitoring can keep you running at peak performance.

Use Avaya Business Solutions to Get More Done

Determine who is online, on campus, on the phone, available to IM, traveling, or on vacation. Share content and solve issues on the fly using web collaboration, video, document libraries, and white boards to solve problems and reach consensus.

Avaya Mobile  Business Solutions
Support BYOD with Avaya Communications Solutions

Support Whatever Walks in the Door

Support Bring-Your-Own-Device to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance communications. Provide business applications on personal devices, including video, audio, and web collaboration across the broadest range of tablets, smartphones, clients, and laptops.


Learn how you can deploy an open-standards-based policy and network access control in virtually any environment.


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UK: 01483 308 000

From outside the UK: + 44 1483 308 000

Ireland: +353 (0)1 207 5600