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If you're thinking it's time to add unified communications and contact center capabilities to your business, consider upgrading to Avaya Aura® or Avaya IP Office communications platform and watch your productivity levels soar while your operating expenses plummet. Avaya has new offers to help you cost-effectively migrate from your current MERIDIAN, Communication Server 1000 (CS1K), Business Communication Manager (BCM) or Norstar™ systems to the latest in IP and SIP-based solutions.
For a limited time, you can refresh your system(s) through the Avaya Triple 7 program and receive unprecedented discounts. Triple 7 offers triple the advantages of your older system by combining SIP consolidation with mobility apps and comprehensive world-class support. In addition, its 7 savings elements include discounts on architecture, collaboration applications, hardware, phones, mobility clients, implementation and support. Avaya Triple 7 delivers everything you need to transform your network into a truly mobile collaborative environment.
A technology refresh to Avaya architecture leverages SIP and virtualization technology to help reduce infrastructure costs and simplify complex networks. This versatile platform integrates advanced communications capabilities with reliability, scalability and redundancy to create a people-centric collaborative communications infrastructure.
If your existing system has exhausted its depreciation value and your organization is seeking to exchange operating expenses (OPEX) for capital expenses (CAPEX) on your balance sheet, this is the solution for you. Learn more about how this limited time offer can help your business communications take flight, transforming a single-purpose solution into a true multimodal architecture. Contact your Avaya authorized Business Partner to get more details.  To find an Avaya Business Partner, please click here.