Customer Experience Management

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Avaya Aura Call Center Elite - Call Center Software

Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite

The Most Widely Used Contact Centre Solution in the World

  • • Add Lower Cost Customer Service Channels
  • • Improve Your Contact Centre Performance
  • • Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels
Call Center Technology From Avaya - Avaya Aura

Avaya Aura® Contact Center

All-in-One Multichannel Contact Centre Solution

  • • A Single Interface for Managing All Customer Interactions
  • • Support Customers' Channel Preferences
  • • Provide a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels
Avaya Aura Experience Portal

Avaya Aura® Experience Portal

Customer Engagement with a Personal Touch

  • • Give Customers the Freedom to Choose
  • • Personalise Your Customer Interactions
  • • Upgrade Customer Experiences Without Upending Your Infrastructure
Avaya Aura Performance Center and Call Centers

Avaya Aura® Performance Center

End-to-End Reporting and Analytics

  • • Analyse the Voice of the Customer
  • • Analyse Contact Centre Trends
  • • Access Information at a Glance
Customer Experience with Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization

Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization

A Deeper, More Meaningful Look at Customer Interactions

  • • Harness the Voice of Your Customer
  • • Anticipate Contact Volumes
  • • Enable Agents to be More Successful
Streamline Contact Center Management with Avaya Control Manager

Contact Center Control Manager

Centralised Administration and Management for Your Avaya Contact Centres

  • • One Admin Tool for All Avaya Contact Centre Products
  • • No Technical Expertise Required
  • • No Instructions Needed
Avaya Customer Connections

Customer Connections

Video, Social Media, and Mobile Applications for the Contact Centre

  • • Put Web, Video, Social Media, and Mobile to Work in Your Contact Centre
  • • Turn Agents into Quick-Thinking Problem Solvers
  • • Enrich Contact Between Customers and Agents
Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing Man With Phone

Intelligent Customer Routing

A Personalised Experience for Every Customer

  • • Give Customers a Superior User Experience
  • • Lower Deployment and Operating Costs
  • • Preserve Existing Investments
Avaya Interaction Center for Customer Experience Management Software

Interaction Center

Multichannel Solution for Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite

  • • Add Lower-Cost Customer Service Channels
  • • Meet Service Level Objectives
  • • Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels
Contact Management Software Avaya Outbound Contact Express

Outbound Contact Express

Turnkey Outbound Dialing to Your Customer Base

  • • Install and Deploy Quickly and Easily
  • • Build an All-Star Team of Agents
  • • Shorten the Learning Curve for Agents and IT
Proactive Outreach Manager

Proactive Contact

Create and Manage Outbound Campaigns and Customer Communications

  • • Deliver the Maximum Number of Live Calls to Your Agents
  • • Optimise Your Agents’ Time
  • • Increase Your Operational Productivity with Blending
Avaya Proactive Contact Predictive Dialing

Proactive Outreach Manager

Proactive Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Renewal

  • • Add Mobile Campaigns that Complement Current Campaigns
  • • Deliver Valuable Information While Cutting Costs
  • • Collect Revenue Faster and Shrink Recovery Costs
No-Cost Upgrade for Key Components in Your Contact Center

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