Support Advantage



  • 貴社のコミュニケーションネットワークで最大限のパフォーマンスと稼働時間を達成できます。これにはプロアクティブな(先行型の)防止、迅速な問題解決、継続的な最適化が含まれます。
  • ぜひ、受賞歴があり、世界全域でご利用いただけるアバイアのサポートで、アバイアのコミュニケーション・ソリューションを保護してください。アバイアのSupport Advantage Preferredパッケージでご利用いただけるサービス:
    • Avaya Support Webサイトでの更新/修正プログラムのご利用
    • アバイアのリモートサポートを有効にするSecure Access Link Gatewayソフトウェア
    • Avaya EXPERT SystemsSMでモニタリングと5倍高速なプロアクティブ(先行)型問題解決
    • 前例のないネットワーク可視化を実現する、SLA Mon™テクノロジー搭載のAvaya Diagnostic Server
    • 混在型環境で問題を迅速に診断できるようなる、マルチベンダー・コラボレーションサポート
    • ネットワークの問題に関するプロアクティブ(先行)型アラート(PSTNおよびIP)
    • 応答時間に関するサービスレベル目標—Web経由で15分
    • ライセンス移動の簡素化/自動化が実現する、ライセンスのグローバルなポータビリティ
    • セキュリティが向上し、認証ポリシー管理が容易になる、Avaya Secure Access Link Policy Server

Unprecedented Network Visibility

Increase the productivity and satisfaction of your IT staff and end users with a customer-controlled, patented diagnostic tool, the Avaya SLA Mon™ Server. Save hours setting up complex equipment and resolve network-related issues using a local interface at your own computer. Prevent issues by analyzing network history and optimizing network performance. With patented technologies—including smart agents embedded in Avaya products—this tool provides historical network analysis to help you proactively solve network issues faster than ever before. This can lead to fewer escalations and less time spent tracking the causes of outages.

Proactive Automated Diagnostics and Resolution

Maximize your solution’s availability and performance with award-winning, leading-edge automated diagnostics. Companies using Avaya EXPERT Systems are 73% more likely to avoid a communications outage. This alarm monitoring tool auto resolves 93% of alarm-generated service requests without human intervention. Plus, it automatically identifies preventative actions you can take to protect your communications solution.

Avaya Parts Replacement and Onsite Support

Advance Parts Replacement and Onsite Support

Advance Parts Replacement covers specific Avaya products and is available with next business day and two four-hour delivery time options. This feature provides you with certified Avaya parts, helping you avoid having to stock your own parts inventory.

With Onsite Support, which includes Advance Parts Replacement, Avaya dispatches technical resources to your location when needed. We replace defective parts, except terminals. This feature gives you additional support coverage and access to Avaya expertise when you need it most. You avoid having to maintain and train in-house expertise for Avaya products.

Add Terminal Replacement to either Onsite Support or Parts Replacement for next-business-day delivery of replacement terminals.