Avaya Solution Implementation Support


  • 新しいアバイアソリューションを完璧に導入できます。アバイアのチームには経験、知識、スキルとともに、本気で取り組む姿勢が備わっているので、物事が正しく進むという安心が得られます。
  • 責任の所在が1本化され、そこであらゆるレベルのリスクが特定され、計画/管理対象の導入について、あらゆる詳細がわかります。コミュニケーション・ソリューションが複数の場所にまたがっているか、1か所に対応しているかは関係ありません。
  • 専門家がプロジェクトのスケジュールを細かく監督するので安心です。テクノロジーまたはセキュリティ上のリスクが浮上する前に解決できます。長年定評があり、実績のあるベストプラクティス型PMI方式とツールを推進する、Global Program Management Officeが貴社のアバイアチームを支援します。
Before Solution Deployment Avaya Technicians Validate Solution Design and Function

Pre-Deployment Services: What Happens Before the Technicians Arrive

Pre-deployment activities establish clear objectives and validate that the solution design is functional and viable within your environment and interoperable with other business components. Avaya addresses the needs of individual stakeholders, reaching a common understanding for the entire implementation. Finally, we assess the readiness of your network for voice or video over IP, identifying and correcting areas that could impact solution performance.

Avaya Project Management and Deployment Services

Deployment Services: Program and Project Managers At Work

Once a deployment is underway, significant resources are needed to bring complex, multi-site projects to completion. From kick off to cutover, your Avaya team coordinates tasks, communicates progress, and mitigates the risks of cost overruns, scheduling delays, and extended periods of downtime.

Avaya Tests and Evaluates After Deployment of Solution

Post-Deployment Services: Test and Evaluate

Once a solution is implemented, Avaya can perform application and integration testing and pre-production stress testing to help assure the solution performs as designed. User adoption services identify and segment end users according to how the solution best supports them. Expanding users’ knowledge of capabilities helps assure solutions are used as planned. Established metrics ultimately pinpoint how well the solution is benefiting users and achieving ROI.